Is the Eversolo DMP-A8 really better than NSC222?

I enjoy Andrew Robinsons YouTube channel. He reviewed the Naim New Classic and was not very positive. And of all things I ended up buying this set.

And now he claims the Eversolo A8 is better than Naim and Classé.

Has anyone experienced this and compared these? I am going to try to audition Eversolo against the Naim NSC222.

If this is true I might switch and put the money in 300 series power amps.


Be great to get your views once you’ve listened to one.


For me a 300 series source and pre into a 200 series power amp beats a 200 source into a 300 power amp. On that basis, this Eversolo thing needs to be seriously good if it’s going to hold its own with a pair of 350s on the end of it.

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It seems my YouTube links were removed. Any reason?

Yes, unauthorised YouTube hifi “reviews” are usually removed, as in this case. I’m sure members can easily find them if they wish to do so.

Unauthorized reviews? What does that mean? Are there authorized reviews?

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It means reviews that haven’t been OKed for posting on the forum.

Posting of reviews is wide open to abuse, so I restrict what reviews are allowed on here.

You are, of course, welcome to give an overview and paraphrase if you so wish.


A YT review by anyone however competent and respected they maybe isn’t going to form the basis of any purchase I’m likely to make.

Who are Eversolo, where do they come from, what is their setup here in the UK, how long will they support their products, will I be able to get a product repaired when the warranty has long expired?

This is what I want to know, who am I dealing with and how are they going to treat me as a customer once I have invested my money in their product.

Is the A8 better than a 222, possibly, possibly not, it just depends on what you want, for me I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole but others may welcome it with open arms.


For what it is, a 2kUSD streamer, it’s very good. Its gets the timing mostly right and is a fun listen.

I’ve used one with a 332//300 and see it as a secondary source. It needed the HugoTT to be what I see as a solid primary source.


Then what reviews are Okayed? And makes one ok or not?

I take no notice of video reviews, and if you have already recently bought something why are you looking at such videos? If you are unhappy with your choice, by all means look into alternatives, but if you are (or were before this video) happy then simply ignore. There will always be people with contrary views, contrary tastes, and that way dissatisfaction and disquiet lie.


A salesman selling things. A modern day pitchman.
Notice all the products he plugs while reviewing a component?


I’ve not yet heard the NSC222, but I did just get to hear the DMP-A8 as both a DAC and a Streamer-only, at the South West Audio Fest in Dallas, TX.

It was, in among other places, in the Angel City Audio room. Speakers were solid (and beautiful in this dark metallic-flake maroon), I was genuinely underwhelmed by the A8. It pales in comparison to my bare NDX2. Tone colors are very grey-ish and nearly-bleached, depending upon the song. Soundstage depth was lacking and so was width. Dynamics were also the typical ESS affair of being usually punchy but also turning the fatigue knob up several notches. Switching to an Onyx CD player straight into the Perraux 200ix Integrated’s DAC (a simple ESS9038 that sounded like a well-done 9038) traded blows and I would much rather get an A6 or A6 ME to use as a streamer with the 200ix if I were so inclined to build a system with those components.

I wouldn’t place the A8 on the same footing as my Chord Qutest, to be clear. Now, it seems it could be a robust streamer with an array of digital output options and a nice screen (similar to the NDX2), but the DAC section seems to be in-line with other $1000-$1200 USD DAC offerings and not a ‘giant killer’.

Coming back home to my XPS-DR’d NDX2 and it was a stark contrast, for the better.

I suppose some proxy comparisons could be assessed via NDX2 vs NSC222 (which I have heard from others seem to be similar in presentation).


Best avoid if at all possible. Otherwise, you can ask by flagging a post and messaging me.

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Odd one for me. I would now never buy off the back of anything bar listening although my 1st system was bought exactly like that and was great. Equally though, I can’t see a reason to be dismissive of video reviews. Some will jar because of the style and some will chime but the more important thing is surely what’s being said?

Robinson is not the 1st to suggest the power supply either makes no difference or a negligible one. Having had 20 years benefit of a Naim power supply ant heard the very clear and positive difference it made I am immediately intrigued and concerned by that. Some wider dismissal of video reviews in general doesn’t take away from that specific point. Obviously this forum isn’t going to be the most representative/objective on that point so it is interesting to hear an outside take.

Similarly the speaker hiss is definitely interesting as he’s saying it wasn’t just to do with efficient speakers.

Not sure I buy the “… at this price” argument. Every price point comes with a compromise to achieve specific aims. It doesn’t follow that £27k worth of kit “ought” to have this or that.

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the A6 has the ess dacs and the A8 uses AKM velvet sound dacs.


One reason. Clicks. That’s how YTs make money. Say something outrageous. Get views and comments…

In his review of the 222/300/250 he complained of hiss from his speakers. None here at all.

He also stacked the three units on top of one another and said the power supply made little or no difference. As that’s clearly not the case - I have heard the significant difference it makes with my own ears at my dealer’s and at home - in my opinion his views can’t be trusted.

If you want to settle this in your own mind I’d suggest a home demo. However, after sales care is another important factor for many.


Eversolo. Chinese manufacturer making a lot of hype for itself via sponsored reviews. Nothing to see here.


Hi @Steinwerck. It’s not hard to find material on the web which is pretty hostile to companies such as Naim (and Linn), roughly along the lines of “it’s bought by rich guys with more money than sense and my ****** amp is so much better for a fraction of the price …. shows how clever I am.”

I do understand the temptation to search for and read reviews of equipment one has bought and there’s a nice sense of self-congratulation arising from a positive review of one’s gear. Ideally, one wouldn’t read any reviews post-purchase, but I find the best cure is to switch on the system and enjoy some music.

So I’d just go back to playing music through your excellent system. Oh, and add that power supply as soon as possible.



Looked at their website which follows typical style of Chinese Hi-Fi sites. Very colourful and heavy on technical detail.

I think that some of the Chinese Hi-Fi is very good. I for one have a SMSL DAC and Amp in my office system. Used to have some Fiio IEMs.

Is it good? Yes, for the money it’s very good.

Is it as good as Naim, Linn? No, but then it is for a different market.

For starter systems or second systems, they are worth looking at as the SQ is reasonable and their build quality is very good.