Is the NDX2 streamer significantly better than the ND5XS2 which I have?

Great observation. BP and HR both have an effect on one’s hearing as well as a dozen other physiological factors.


Spot on @twofifty :+1:
It’s all about the individual emotions we feel when listening to music and there’s countless factors that draw those emotions to the fore, well before this or that piece of equipment.


@Simon-in-Suffolk I could be wrong, but I don’t think my hearing changed much in the few months we were between systems (Rega to Naim).

@Blackstar The more relaxed I can be and the less analytical, the more I can allow the music to come through.

Overall, since making updates the music is more involving and less HiFi.

I can only hope that EpicX will bring more involved listening. Interconnect and speaker cable. My speaker cable is very basic Chord from about 2014. Chord Silver Screen speaker cable. My current interconnect is Shawline.

I have taken my system as far as it will support, think.


Which means there is nowhere to find detailed instructions, so how does Naim think we will be able to fully use their expensive products? This is very poor customer support.

I agree. We should pick this up in another thread though. And allow @Jaybar’s thread to continue peacefully :slight_smile:

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That’s confused me… I was talking about variations in audio replay performance/characteristics from loudspeakers due to pressure, temperature and humidity, as well as aural interpretation and engagement (audio perception) through mood and mindset- ie it’s not physical, but mental.

To check your actual hearing probably best to visit an audiologist if you think there is a change there and NOT use consumer hifi equipment to assess it, as hifi replay, has too many variables as I mentioned.

Brain effects on audio processing are quite significant. I have low level tinnitus from too many noisy gigs and guitar playing.
Usually it’s only there in the background slightly, but if I’m tired after a long day at work it’s quite loud as my brain isn’t bothering to filter it out so well. Have to turn the music up to blot it out.


Indeed - though not an expert I do believe tinnitus and aural perception are different things and involve different areas of the brain with the former attributed chiefly to hearing loss.

I would have thought where one is open to allowing an emotional responses to sensory inputs, whether they be aural, visual, feel, or taste/smell one needs to be in a suitable receptive emotional or mental state.

I am very happy with the NDX2 and the XPS. Sound quality of this combo is gorgeous and superior to the ND5XS2 (without external ps) which I owned before.


@Zupfgeiger I agree. It has been a huge improvement. I also do not think the ND5XS2 can be used with an external PS.


Correct - it can’t. It is well documented on this forum (and evidenced in my personal experience) of the audible benefit of adding a Naim power supply and I would go further and suggest a comparison between any Naim streamer with a dedicated PS to one without, particularly when the financial sums involved are not the same, is flawed and of little validity. I would naturally expect the NDX2 to sound better than an ND5 XS 2, without enhancement to the more expensive streamer by the addition of a dedicated power supply. However, I find the ND5 XS 2 a very capable streamer for the money and in the right (read: balanced) system(s) makes for a musical and enjoyable source.


New cable being installed later today. EpicX interconnect and EpicX speaker cable. Should further improve my streamer,CDP and overall system.

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Interesting to read the different opinions on the impact and relevance of the XPS on the performance of the NDX2. My experience was a significant shift of musicality, soundstage and even loudness. It‘s all subjective of course. But I rarely spoke out a wow as I did after listening to this combo for the first time. It was a direct A against B comparison of course. I would normally stick to it for a longer while. Question is whether it is worth it after meanwhile I have installed an AADac into my system. Dac AND external power supply is not leading any further, is it?

The relevant comparison is whether NDX2 is better than, equal to, or worse than ND5XS2 into Naim DAC or NDS (with equivalent power supplies).

Well, first came the change of the streamer from ND5X2 to the NDX2. That alone was an audible upgrade to my ears. Some months later I bought the power supply. Seems a fair comparison to me.


An NDX2 should sound better than a ND5XS2 because it’s much more expensive and is the next streamer in the hierarchy.

Much more useful and interesting comparisons are:

  1. NDX2 vs ND5XS2/Naim DAC (with equivalent power supplies).

  2. NDX2 vs ND5XS2/NDS (with equivalent power supplies).


I purchased both the NDX2 and the XPS PS at the same time.The dealer installed both at the same time.

Therefore I have no idea what the NDX2 alone contributed. The change compared to my ND5XS2 was immediately noticeable. Today, new cables are being installed and I am looking for an even bigger improvement to the system.

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Sorry, ND5XS2 of course. My age! And I always troubled to get names right.

I use Inakustik for some moths now. Very satisfying and better than the much more expensive Kondo and Cardas which I had before. Only bought the entrance line 804 air, which are still in an affordable range. The higher models are quite an investment.