Is the new NAIT 50 a better integrated than the SN3?

I asked this question in the NAIT 50 thread, but I think it will get lost there.

Clearly the answer should be no, bearing in mind the price difference, but I’d be interested to read the thoughts of those who’ve heard both.

I’ve heard both and like both, but I like very much what the 50 does in its ‘shoe box’ low budget style.

I listened to the 50 on Friday fed by an ND5 XS 2 and through a pair of PMC Prodigy 1’s. I’ve been trying to justify buying this mini system ever since. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Simply superb!

That doesn’t mean that the SN3 replacing the 50 wouldn’t be better, as it probably would. Especially if you want to push it harder, but for a small to mid sized room solution, that 50 is amazing😁


The question for me is whether the 50 beats a 202/200/HCDR/NAPSC. I presume from the above that it does not?

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At 40W vs. 130W into 4 Ohms it probably greatly depends on sensitivity of the speakers, room size, and desired volume level.


No, because the 200 is a better amplifier than that in the 50. However, my second system is a 202/200/HC DR/NAPSC and in my opinion it is pretty close at the lower volume end.
Naturally the right speakers are essential, but when I listened to the 50 through the new PMC Prodigy 1’s on Friday, I was really blown away by the combo. :slightly_smiling_face:


Fully answers my question thanks. Would love it to work for me as I downsize but I don’t see it doing so.

I bought my ex-demo Neat Petite Classics after hearing them with ND5XS2 > SN3 at the dealers (they didn’t have the Nait 50 in stock).

Now I have them home with the Nait 50 there’s no comparison! I much prefer the Neats with the Nait 50 :grin: (although to be fair I have a better set up all round at home, with better source, interconnects, rack, stands, and plugboard etc).


I was looking for the vote buttons. :roll_eyes:

SN3 is much warmer than N50. The SN3 has an overall better quality bass range, going lower on the bass while maintaining better control. The N50 has a stronger upper bass, which makes the sound more lively and joyful. The diameter of the N50 has better resolution and is less colored than in SN3. The highs have better resolution in the N50. Overall, the N50 is more cheerful, lively, vital and less tinted with warmth like the dark and dull SN3.


Nice response - I guess it will be down to personal preference

How does the NN50 compare on soundstage width and placing of instruments etc in your view

the sound is better

the features are limited

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I had them, now a Nait 50 , certainly very happy. The Nait 50 is from 2023 technology .

Limited features is not a problem for me.

What does this mean?

Is SN3 dull?:thinking:


same for me

As with multiple compares done by various people, they are all done by different basics, cables, room, speakers, source, personal taste and so on.

Usually I take such views with a grain of salt, and need to try myself in own conditions.

That said, before release, I expected Nait 50 to be on level with Atom amp section, I was obviously wrong and I happily stand corrected.
I didn’t however expect it to better all other Naits too - bar none, even some 3-box Naim combo’s :flushed:

I’m excited with upcoming New Classic Nait, whenever this happen, will it be full width, will it be more than 25W, will it be more expensive than Nait 50, bet they are busy in Salisbury test bench right now.


lets put this into another context

the ls3/5a was surprising and still surprises.
size, look, and engineering with unigue fabulouse result is still the key for success… since decades
betetr than a bc1?
somehow yes

same with the nait50

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I haven’t heard either, but I can say no without a doubt. Different yes! But your better may not be mine and vice versa!!
Why don’t you listen to one and determine for yourself :grin:


I have owned both and preferred the Nait 50. Supernait 3 is finding a new house. I’ve found that I’m more engaged into music by the Nait 50.