Is the new Uniti remote control unreliable in use?

Just bought a Uniti Atom secondhand and although the remote has paired with the main unit, the remote doesn’t work reliably with the Atom. For example when using the remote volume control, 1. it will generally only increase the volume by one increment and no more, 2. On/Off function does not work consistently. I haven’t tried anything else but I have been told by the seller that these remotes are very unreliable in regular use, do other members find this to be the case?

I haven’t heard of this. However, note that it uses Zigbee so somewhat different to regular IR remotes.

Have you tried re-pairing it with your Atom?

I had a couple of problems with mine when I changed batteries and used rechargeable. Mentioned to my dealer who advised using ordinary batteries and it has been fine since. I have no idea why this might be the case.

Sounds like the seller is full of sh1t. Never had a problem with that remote on both my Atom and NDX2.

Remote should be rock solid. Though certainly worth trying fresh batteries.

Thanks for the replies. I have tried repairing and fresh batteries but to no avail. The seller was a Naim employee so I gave him some credibility but it sounds like it might be worth investing in a new remote.

I’ve played with three different uniti remotes on three different devices and they all worked flawlessly. It sounds like you were sold a dud remote and they are trying to pass it off as normal. Even if they are a naim employee it doesn’t make it right. They aren’t cheap remotes!

Tbh I tend to use my tablet or phone most of the time. But whenever I HAVE used the remote it has worked perfectly. Is it possible that the batteries in your remote are dud? If you haven’t already done it I suggest you try putting in fresh batteries.

Rechargeable batteries have a lower output voltage when fully charged than new standard batteries, so if the circuit design is a bit marginal or there are component tolerances adding up unhelpfully, you can find something is fine on new ordinary batteries and a bit iffy on rechargeable.


I have had my Atom for almost 2 years now. The remote has worked with zero problems and has the same set of batteries it came with (Energizer Max). Sounds like the seller (Naim employee or not) is giving you a bill of goods.

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