Is the quality of new vinyl getting better?

Have I just got lucky recently? The new records I’ve bought in the last 6 months or so have all been really good pressings with very few (if any) pops and clicks. This marks a big change from a year or two ago when it felt like 1 in every 3 had to be returned as the quality was just not acceptable. Recent purchases of Simple Minds Live at Paisley Abbey, OMD Bauhaus Staircase and Roger Waters DSOTM Redux to name but three have all sounded excellent.


I’ve only bought 2 LP’s in the last 6 months and they have both been good.

Blur - The Balland of Darren (Blue vinyl even!)
Slowdive - Everything Is Alive

Modern pressings seem high quality to me but I’ve been going through some rarely played 80s and 90s vinyl in the last few weeks and I’ve been struck by the lack of snap crackle and pop. Less than I remember!