Is the quality of new vinyl getting better?

Have I just got lucky recently? The new records I’ve bought in the last 6 months or so have all been really good pressings with very few (if any) pops and clicks. This marks a big change from a year or two ago when it felt like 1 in every 3 had to be returned as the quality was just not acceptable. Recent purchases of Simple Minds Live at Paisley Abbey, OMD Bauhaus Staircase and Roger Waters DSOTM Redux to name but three have all sounded excellent.


I’ve only bought 2 LP’s in the last 6 months and they have both been good.

Blur - The Balland of Darren (Blue vinyl even!)
Slowdive - Everything Is Alive

Modern pressings seem high quality to me but I’ve been going through some rarely played 80s and 90s vinyl in the last few weeks and I’ve been struck by the lack of snap crackle and pop. Less than I remember!

Have any of the alternatives to vinyl , different new environmentally friendly products, been able to make audiophile-grade LPs?

Listening to OMD, Bauhaus Staircase right now, (Christmas present!), and came onto the forum to check if anyone else thought it sounded rather good… so yes, I agree!

I’m sure there are good and bad pressings these days, not sure how to really gauge if it’s better or worse than any other era. But it is certainly the case that some new releases sound great on vinyl, and not just the fancy analogue re-master type stuff.

Anyway, gotta go, need to put side B on 8)

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Not sure here. I have bought some very good albums over the last year but some have been fairly lousy to the point where I have had to return multiple copies to get a good one or simply give up.

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Yes I’ve found the new vinly is heavier,
Also slightly thicker, and better quality
Look out for 180 gram 1’s

I’ve been buying The Beatles LPs as they have been re-released for the umpteenth time, and I’ve been pretty favourably impressed.

One of the reasons I gave up playing records. Found the quality of new records to be very poor, particularly the heavyweight 180gsm versions.

Latterly, I was buying from Amazon, as it was easy to return them for a replacement, often more than once.

They also had to have a very good clean prior to the first play, because of the excess static.


180g vinyl is no indicator of quality. There are a glut of out of copyright bootleg LPs in regular stores now with 180g blazened on the cover which sound like noisy Spotify. Also, the extra thickness can cause them to be warped.

Oh ok, eveything I have brought so far has been fine, can’t see how they would warp any more than the thinner ones, depends on how you look after them,
I agree that there are boot leg ones out there, but I have not come across any yet, but then again I don’t buy vinly from the auction sites,
Happy new to all,

I was meaning all the albums unofficially reissued from the 50s and early 60s that are out of copyright and sourced from CDs or streaming services. Shops are full of them in the Jazz sections, for example. All have 180g stickers too.

Ah got it, I’m only buying new, so I don’t use my originals any more as they are going up in value,
So I’m replacing what I like to listen too,
But thanks on the copyright situation I’ll keep an eye on that,
But I do like the heavy ones,

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180g does not mean quality, I would prefer a decent pressed 150g record. I’ve bought several hundred new albums the last couple years and do think they might be getting better. I tend to get repeat offenders and when it comes down to a pressing fault it’s best just to return and get a download version. Overall I only return about 5% and put up with slightly warped or dished records if they play ok.

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