Is there a SQ difference with surround audio with HDMI or digital?

I have read comments where members have opted for a digital audio connection from AV sources rather than HDMI (with a suitable processor / receiver). My question is whether there is a signicant difference in sound quality or decoding.

I know some people experience connection issues with HDMI - particularly some TVs - but our system of an LG OLED, Arcam AVR 550 and four video sources works fine with HDMI handling pictures and sound.

My current set-up means I cannot try the alternative easily but changes are on the horizon. I wondered if there were any audio advantages I should be considering when planning for the future.

If you just want stereo sound then I prefer digital coaxial first or optical second into my Streamer/DAC.
If you want surround sound then best to go with HDMI because coaxial and optical are bandwidth limited and cant do 7.1 or ATMOS or even HD 5.1 into your AV Amp.
I dont think there is much noticable sound quality difference between coaxial, optical or HDMI for stereo sometimes its a very slightly different sound presentation that you might prefer over the other but its marginal at best in my experience.

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Thanks @MoonDrifter for your thoughts. It is definitely only for surround and your point about bandwidth is something I hadn’t considered, even if at present I am limiting myself to 5.1.

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