Is there any love for the Nac 92 ( and nap 90) anywhere?

I have a fc, nac92 and a nap 90 that has been used while various other Naim kit has been on turnaround being serviced. With the last few pieces shortly to be returned to me from the excellent Darran the fc/92/90 will be redundant. Given that they are of low value I will probably keep them as spares but the question is, if I am to keep them, should I service them also? The service costs will likely be greater than the resale value. I am just testing how good they are and find the nac92 with a hicap in to a cb 250 is pretty good sound quality, so they could be used by someone (sons, daughters) so is it worth the service cost?

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Big love here! They may once have been Naim’s entry level but they were still very much Naim and capable of really great sound. I would ask Darran what he would charge, then do your sums. I doubt there’s anything available for under £1k today that gets anywhere close to the engagement that these can bring.

Oh, and the matching CD3 and NAT03 are pretty awesome too, although I do admit I may be biased as I have examples of each of these myself.


Its now i started many, many years ago


A fantastic pre-power combo. I ran them for years and years, even took them right up to active status via an IXO into Credos. Fond memories indeed. In fact i still have it all, albeit only in storage.


Still have my CD3 and NAT 03 , the CD3 came out of a 20 year retirement/hiatus earlier this year and was very good. I also note that the prices on Flea Bay are high for the NAT03, I still use mine - and would dread trying to negotiate with a cynical loss adjustor as to price .

I started with the Nait 03, converted to preamp, and had the set up Bruss is describing. With the Ruark Sabres and LP12 , it is a system remembered with great affection, possible my favourite system oof all time

I certainly think they would be a great second system or a gift to a youngster .

In the nicest possible way I think the total is greater than the sum and would keep them

The NAT03 is still in service today , and with my internet connection , still gets the odd run out on days when the Nova is “at home to Mr Grumpy” (router at fault, not Nova)


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