Is there too much magic

going on with Naim kit?

I like to understand what is happening and with Naim, I just don’t.

Today I moved my phono and power supply from one side of the rack to the other, and the Node and Qutest in to it’s place. This obviously necessitated moving interconnects, including Naim ones. Not unplugged, just relocated an inch or two at most.

Nothing else moved but I now hear a definite extra layer of depth in the bass and it wasn’t lacking before.

Why? How?

Confirmation bias maybe?


I did wonder, especially having set the kit up originally I am aware of the cable positioning effect. There is definitely a difference though. I wondered whether it was due to moving the streamer, the Node, but I’ve now played a couple of well known tracks from vinyl and its definitely an addition. Pleasant, more controlled bass, but I have no explanation as to why. Possibly that inch or two has seated the Naim interconnects somewhere, but then it was pretty damn good before.

I may just cancel the 552 and wiggle me connections every month or two.


As David said it could be confirmation bias.
Also, it could be that by removing and reconnecting the leads you cleaned the sockets and plugs through friction and now have a slightly better connection.
It happens with other manufacturers equipment too.

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Confirmation bias = free upgrade :wink:


Just too many variables that can be easily heard with a high quality music system - which is really just a very sensitive measuring device using human senses and frequency variations.

Moving cables creates changes in direction, stresses and possible interference from other equipment?

With equipment, changes in location or power supply proximities or even surface tensions can make a difference. My Armaggedon power supply sounds better on the right side of a Fraim glass vs the lefts side. Go figure?

Over the years I’ve just learnt to accept these magical quirks and make good use of them. I suspect that when we finally find out what driving your electrons and photons at a true quantum level (likely just non localised information used to create our reality) then we will understand why the magic happens

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Sometimes just looking at my system makes it change its performance. Moving a cable 1 inch is out of question.

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Maybe the burndys are better hanging, destressed….Or maybe the phono is at a bigger distance from a transformer?

Yes, no, maybe? That’s the issue. Did I move the cables left, then right, or right then left? :grinning:

As an ex engineer, physics, chemistry, metallurgy, then IT PM and project recovery guru, there is always a logical path that leads to where the current position is. More importantly its repeatable.
Naim? just shake a cable, stand on one leg and face east, unless its a Wednesday. :slight_smile:

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It’s that ole devil called Naim again.

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" is there too much dust" .

I had a heavily distorting right Kudos speaker on bass notes, with a load of dust and a small cotton string on it. Blew it off and everything was then back to normal to my almighty relief.

The Naim voodoo has taken hold of me too.

Naim has been avoiding building something really bad for 45(?) years. So I guess they dont have “magic” but just knowledge and good engineering. My Naim-dealer taught me in the 80’s to unplug/plug (and repeat five times) the cables every six months or so.

Thursday not Wednesday, for goodness sake have you not been keeping up?



Obviously the cables where runing in the wrong direction.

This gave me the desire to clean the contacts. Unplug, clean, plug again, it will give a new life to the system.

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