Is this a problem?

The rest of the Burndys in my system have the sleeve and, if present, the braid secured by the clamp, this one on the 500 end has the innards are exposed.
I’m just reassembling the system having moved to France so dealer coverage is rather thin on the ground for 500 series, the local dealer in Montpellier is called Multizone and wasn’t a Naim dealership a couple of years ago, I have no history with them so I may have to tackle it myself if it needs attention.

It certainly wants looking at. I’d take it to your local dealer and hear what they think is the best plan of action. Maybe they can repair it on the spot?

That’s not right. If it’s a new cable, it should be covered by warranty. If its not, send it back to NAIM anyway and get it fixed.

I think I remember a post, possibly from @Richard.Dane saying that it’s not just a matter of opening the clamp and putting the sleeve back inside it.
It’s about 20 years old but Naim had it around 3 years ago when they DRed the amp, I hadn’t noticed this when I installed it on that occasion. I’ll have to see how returns operate locally. Dropping into Multizone tomorrow anyway in the hope of obtaining some speaker plugs for my NBLs. My second (spare) hiline has cracked rings so that might as well go back too.
Looks like the empty shelf I put under the 500 will come in handy for the 250.

This is the cable between 252 and supercap? Given the braided sleeving has come out a fair way and there is a gap at the clamp, I would abstain from using it without getting the cable checked first and risk shorting out pins if I were you.

Whilst nylon webbing is pretty and tough, it can open up and slip out over time unless clamped very well. I suggest after checking soldering on the pins, to see if a heat shrink with glue lining can be added over the top of the braided sleeving to keep it in place and add some stiffness to avoid pressure on the sleeving. If it can’t be done, I would be tempted to add cable tie or self-amalgamating silicone tape over it for the same reason.

It’s a 500 Burndy but with Naim there’s usually more to it than just securing the cable, I’d tackle it myself were that the case. I think this is the post I half remembered:


Jun '19

You need to be very careful here - overly tight with the strain relief on the connector plug and the sound suffers badly. Similarly, if it’s overly loose then sound also can suffer. If it’s all sounding good then I would leave it alone.

I used to use Audio T in Reading where Simon knew what he was about but Simon has now left the company for reasons associated with Corvid 19 and I’ve left the UK for reasons associated with Brexit. The previous Naim dealer in Montpellier couldn’t solder a Naim speaker plug so I’m not sure how well clued up the dealers in France are and I don’t want someone who only thinks they know what they’re doing fiddling with it, I don’t need a dealer for that.

You should get it fixed by Naim.


Oh dear. Broken Burndy, broken Hine, new plugs required. Have you checked to see if squirrels are nipping in and using your leads as a trapeze when you are not looking?

Very sorry that Simon has left Audio T, he was very, very knowledgable and has a good attitude to his customers .

I had a phone call from Gareth yesterday and guessed that Simon had left because of concerns over CV19 .

Both my fault I fear. The Burndy collar wasn’t easy to get a enough grip on to undo it and the plug body turned whilst I was trying and the Hiline suffered a bit of a knock against the Fraim leg whilst being removed.

On the plus side I’m looking out the window at a blue sky.

Where in France have you moved to?

Montpellier, right in a Corvid hotspot.
We’ll be moving again once our place in the UK has sold, if the pound is worth anything by then, but probably staying in the south. I want to explore a bit before deciding.

That’s a nice area. Arles is lovely too. We often ponder moving to France but I’m too much of a wuss to go through with it.

![l’Atelier de l’Audiophile

30 rue du Pont de Lattes 34070 MONTPELLIER
@Yeti, maybe you can ask them

I’ll drop in on Multizone on Monday to hear what they have to say.


Not your fault @Yeti, a well built cable should be cramped properly by the sleeve and not come out. You said it is about 20 years old so it has done its job. I had dragged equipment by the cable a couple of times just to show my manager how well they are built (by me). That was a long time ago. :smiley:

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