Is this an upgrade or lateral move for speakers?

Any thoughts if this is an upgrade or not? I’ve got a Nova paired to Sonus Faber Olympica 1’s and a paradigm sub; it’s in a moderate sized great room; used for all types of music plus the tv. I’m considering changing to Dali Epicon 2’s. Is this an upgrade or more of a lateral move do you think? It’s hard to audition with the covid situation.


They are similarly priced. Only you can tell because I really doubt someone here has done the test.
Personally I like Sonus Faber, and was disappointed once by Dali. But haven’t heard that model.
Perhaps the Dali is easier to be driven by an Atom? To be checked.

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Hi, must say I agree with @frenchrooster on this. The SF Olympica 1’s are a great speaker and at their price point offer good value and SQ. It does feel like a bit of a sideways move, unless of course your ears prefer the Dali Epicon 2’s!!
My concern would be that the issue possibly lies with the Atom which cant get a “grip” of the SF Olympica 1’s. My first though would be to look at the amplification - probably not very helpful for you, or what you wanted to hear. Anyway, enjoy your auditions :grinning:

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Actually I’ve got a Nova powering the speakers, not an Atom, which should have adequate power for either sets. I haven’t seen a lot on the Epicons which is why I was putting this out there.

Thanks for your replies!


Oops, sorry, I must learn to read - I dont know why I said Atom!!
FYI, I run Sonus faber Olympica II’s with a NAP 250 DR, and whilst it is good, I have also heard them with a NAP300 which (on paper at least) shouldnt offer better SQ, however much to my regret the NAP300 is distinctly better (and now I am saving up!!)

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Speakers, more than any other component , come down to personal taste. The only way to decide is to listen to both, ideally at the same time and with the same equipment you use. Since you already have one of the two speakers in question, try to arrange for a home session with the dali.


@Jayroc5000 wondering if you have considered staying with the same speaker just going to the floor standers in the 2 or the 3? The Olympia is really a good value and a nice speaker.

I would consider the Olympica 3’s for sure but they’re a lot more expensive!

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Firstly, I can’t answer your question having never heard either…

However - changing by spending about the same on speakers isn’t an ideal way to go - if you’re wanting a change. then you might as well budget for an real upgrade and then spend more on the newer speakers (or changing the Nova or whatever). Whilst changing the speakers for others at a similar price point can indeed change the sound signature of what you’re listening too, they will have compromises in different areas - better to upgrade to something that has fewer compromises overall…

It might be frustrating, but unless you really dislike your current sound, you’d be better off waiting and saving then improving…


So true. Speakers affect the character if the sound more than any other system component - and in my view are therefore the most important to get right. No such thing as up, down or sideways move, just which sounds better to your ears.

Some years ago I auditioned 13 different speakers, all at a price equivalent to £2.5-3k in today’s money, all rated very highly in magazine reviews, and most the respective manufacturers’ flagship model. 10 were so awful to my ears that I rejected before the end of the first track. One lasted for a few tracks. Only two made it to a full listen with a good variety of different music, and in the end there was one clear winner, which I bought and lived with for about 15 years, and then only changed because I could afford their big brother.


So a twist…I can’t audition them as they are 100’s of kilometers away; but I’ve got a chance for a very sweet deal on a brand new pair of Epicons. 35% off including the stands. Part of the dilemma.

Why is that a limitation? My last speaker buying trip was over 2.5 days, more than 800 miles, return 3.5 hour ferry trip, one overnight, plus one hotel stay. Admittedly I was looking at speaker up to £18k new price (but not looking new)

Not a possibility


Why change? Curiosity wouldn’t seem reason enough were everything working well together so what is wrong about your current setup?

Hi you have not mentioned why you are considering the change…do you need more bass…or is mid band not doing it for you. Speakers interact with the amp and the room… you really need a home demo…to be fair to yourself and the speaker. I once took my amp to a dealer and auditioned six similar speakers…one leapt out at me as being superb…on paper they were all great…so be very careful…

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I don’t understand why it’s a dilemma. You seem to be saying that you are thinking of buying different speakers, speakers you have never heard and may not like, when you seem to be happy with the ones you have, just because they are on special offer? That would be completely daft. Something is only a real bargain if you’d pay the full price for it. Nobody here can advise you on which speakers you’d prefer but in my view it’s a really silly idea.

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It’s a lot of money for speakers you have never heard.

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Hi, I’m not thinking of buying them simply because they are on sale. That’s just sweetening the pot.

Although my speakers are quite good, they seem to have a limited sweet spot in our room. The placement has been challenging as there has to be one speaker close to a rear wall and in between a fireplace and sidetable; the other quite close to the side wall. The Epicons are apparently not fussy about placement.

Regardless, some excellent points have been made and I’ll stick with what I’ve got.

Thank you!

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Hi J, I was driving their smaller brother the Rubicon 2, basically with same specs, 87db at 4ohm with SN2, which on the other hand has the same power output as your Nova, 80w. I can definitely state that SN2 had no issues with driving those speakers and they are not an easy one, previosly I was running them with 5si and althought it is a very capable and solid amp, it was obvious the Dali’s needed more power.

By the time I was buyng the Rubicons, I had the chance to compare them with the Epicons, and the difference was not that big, but there was definitely one, the Epicons had a tighter presentation, as far as I can remember, it was some 6-7 years ago. Now couple of months ago, having lived these years with the Rubicons, I thought the time for changing them came, and I was considering moving to the Epicons as well, but somehow the price is way out of my budget, so eventually moved to a brand new Tablette 10sigs, which has a completely different sound character, but that’s another story.

Point is that the Nova will most probably be able to drive the Epicons, although they will appreciate more power, but the sound character will be up to you to decide whether you like it or not.

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My setup - I find placing the speakers challenging for the sweet spot (which is around the perspective of the photo angle). Dealer told me the Epicons are not fussy about placement which is a reason I was considering them.