Is this cheapest FRAIM alternative ever? ;)

Now you just need to make another shelf so that you don’t have those boxes stacked on top of your preamp!

Well I could but I’ve already spent £11.45! :wink: lets not go mad…


Prova a costo zero con 3 pezzetti di delrin (scarto di lavorazione) tra vetro e fondo dei contenitori naim. Sul mio nait 5i funziona molto bene. P.s. Delrin bianco è più morbido del nero e dovrebbe andare ancora meglio accoppiato con il vetro. Buona fortuna :wink:

I think this is fantastic and it has motivated me to build one. Thanks and well done!

I think the same Philip, but it’s not mine . See above who built it.

The glass shelf on ball bearings is something I’m curious to try on my hifi racks rack.

With the glass sat on the ball bearings does the glass shelf slide? Or does the weight of the hifi prevent this?

Just pictured myself closing the CD player drawer and the cd5si and glass shelf sliding out of the back :blush:

Assembly was a bit nerve wracking but it’s stable, it’ll move if nudged, but I’d be surprised if closing a CD drawer shifted it all, I see something called Naim Fraim Glass Locator Kit online (no links allowed!) if you’re worried, but I won’t be bothering

I’m going to give it a go…but instead of ball bearings I’m going to use glass marbles…

Here is @Fraggers rack. DIY. A bit similar to Hifi racks UK.


My bearings were 8mm and fit these luckily, no links allowed but search for PrecisionGeek - CNC Solid Stainless Steel Speaker spike pads SLIM 16mm DIA on the world’s largest online site should find it. PrecisionGeek are resellers so not all going into Bezos pockets, have fun

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