Is this wrong? or maybe okay?

Not sure how I feel about this one - is it wrong to “reinvent” or “reimagine” a classic or much loved piece?
Or maybe it is okay?

Echo & The Bunnymen
The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon, (2018)

Came across this just recently and thought, for a few quid, to give it a listen. Bunnymen classics and new songs with “strings and things attached”. Revisiting some of their greatest songs to rearrange and transform them. Plus, two new tracks added, not released before.

Mixed feelings. Not sure how I feel about this one…
At that exact point in time, “The Bunnymen”were my absolute fav’s. All there albums have a special place in my mind. All those great gigs, parties, road trips and good times. The musical backdrop to a period in time.

The young man (in me) says “ this is so wrong”. Is it sacrilege, maybe verboten ? Are some things best left they way they are? But the mature adult (I am now), with evolved musical tastes, quite likes it. It might be a guilty pleasure (for me).

Any Bunnymen fans out there - what do you all think ?

can’t really say much about the Bunnymen - not my era, not my group. But I know that if (or when) they do that sort of thing to music I love then I hate it. I tend not to like it even when the original performers do something to ‘jazz up’ their old pieces. I prefer them as I first fell in love with them.
There are exceptions - as always. “Sound of Silence” by Disturbed is pretty good. There are covers of the Beatles that are good. But these are different things. Orchestrating older pop songs just doesn’t work for me.


Same here. The Weller thing takes something half decent and renders it dull as dishwater.

The Bunnymen for me made 3 great albums out of 4 but have become the Macca show to their detriment. He always aspired that their music be classic and this was one of several attempts. It’s just dull.

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Crocodiles and Heaven up Here were two of my very favourite post punk albums, but I’ve not heard this.

Some reworks can really shed new light on much loved songs, the acoustic version of Prefab Sprout’s classic Steve McQueen being a case in point, and The Cure’s Acoustic Hits is just brilliant.

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We certainly agree on those two albums.

When you have a moment - Maybe use your NDX2 to give this work a listen. As an example - Killing Moon - play it back to back, new and old.

I actually quite like the slower tempo and piano chords.

With the passing of time, McCulloch’s voice is noticeably changed.

Having found this “rework”, I’ve since read a few interviews and other bits of media that Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant put out at the time, in 2018. It reads like they had earnest intentions, to bring something new in the way you suggest.

It’s a reflective record.

By the way, “Steve McQueen” is much played in our house. Another classic of the time.

Sorry, topic drift.


It’s your thread, drift where you like!! Have you heard the acoustic Steve McQueen?

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No, no yet.
But you might guess I’ve already moved on this following your comment above. Thanks.

Well I never. No idea how that passed me by. Located it on Qobuz and will listen tomorrow night. I don’t have great expectations for full acoustic versions but we’ll see.

Much as I loved early Bunnymen I have to say this is fairly drab. The tempos lag and Mac’s voice is audibly shot in several places. Some voices survive and age wonderfully. His hasn’t. I had to go back and remind myself instantly of how great the originals were to, if you like, cleanse myself.

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Yes. McCulloch’s voice is noticeably changed, isn’t it?

The Police’s wretched “Don’t Stand So Close to Me '86” is a warning to us all. It is wrong :smiley:


Currently on the middle of the acoustic Steve McQuuen as recommended by @hungryhalibut. What a lovely discovery.

I guess that’s a plus one for the idea of “reinventions”.

What do you think of the Bunnymen “reimagining” work.

Posted my opinion above previously.

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So I guess that means the Bunnymen project is a miss, (for you). But Prefab sprouts is okay. Interesting.

We also listened to the Prefab Sprout one this week. (As well as the original album, which we have on vinyl). Agreed. We also thought the “acoustic” version was okay and enjoyed a few of them. Although, I think the Prefab Sprout sound lends itself more to an acoustic treatment.

Also thinking of Lloyd Cole here. We’ve been to see his “one man show” several times in recent years. Mr Cole and his acoustic guitar. He plays a medley of his solo work, as well as favourites from his time with the Commotions. This also works well and we really enjoyed it. There’s something really endearing about a stripped back and acoustic live performance.

But with the Bunnymen, I’m conflicted. If I had never heard the originals, I might happily listen to the reimagined works. For me, the originals are much much better. Layered guitar work, energetic drums building, etc. The complexity of their earlier work is maybe more challenging to capture with a simpler treatment.

Has anyone tried The Cure’s Acoustic Hits? I think it’s brilliant.


I’ve only listened to it the once and I haven’t been in a rush to listen again. I should listen to it again and see how it goes.

These days I probably mostly listen to the Cure’s first three albums, and also the Standing On A Beach/Staring At The Sea compilation, including the B sides, which I put together from the Join the Dots box set.


Big Bunnymen fan in the 80’s so interested to hear this.

I’m quite partial to ‘reimaginings’ of classics, as long as they bring something new to the party and are not just a commercial rehash. Peter Gabriel’s ‘New Blood’ album is a good example of doing things properly.

A forgotten treasure of this genre is this from 2014 - all acoustic , they use an accordion for the rhythm section, ukulele and mandolin. In true Quo style … it’s just fun!


I sort of struggle with aspects of the less poppy Cure but then I heard the Luka Bloom album of covers which included Inbetween Days so acoustic Cure may well be something I could engage with.

The Bunnymen certainly made some great classic tracks and a couple of Albums for me. This reimagining sounds interesting but I am not optimistic.

I will give it a listen.

…but I am currently obsessing on internet Radio, XWave is my rabbit hole.