Is Tidal restructuring itself?

Hi everyone,
recently feels like Tidal is rethinking some decisions and reverting to what others are already doing:

  • MQA dropped in favor of FLAC
  • 360 Spatial Audio dropped, keeping only Dolby Atmos
  • Samsung TV support dropped

…financial drain calling for restructuring?


Cannot guess about the Samsung support but the rest sounds like them aligning to more standard formats.

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Not sure but the release schedule has dropped off badly too. Tidal releases on a Friday have slowed to a drop compared to say Qobuz.

Perhaps they are easing off on that while they convert the whole library?

See, I’m hoping that Tidal keeps going strong :laughing:

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Perhaps they are just not accepting crap? Apparently Spotify on average had a new song added every second last year. A terrific amount of it is ai or at the very least incredibly low effort pap. The trick now is do as little as possible, hope for plays pray one ‘blows up’

Rick beato has uploaded a great piece to YouTube on this just yesterday I think

Great news indeed, was waiting for this for a long time. MQA is a lossy format, just don’t understand why it took so long for them to understand it.


I believe they are focusing more on what is core letting other things go. Good decision if that is the case.

There’s not much in choosing Qobuz over Tidal now, if anything.

They didn’t understand it. MQA went bump.

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