Is Weed still illegal in the U.K.?

How about Ireland, and Scotland? Just curious.

I believe it is, it is here except for the ACT, which while not making it legal to smoke it you can grow 2 to 3 plants. Rather stupid you can grow but you can’t smoke it or sell it.

You can buy it here quite easily thought in Nimbin NSW 4 blocks from a police station.

Not legal in any part of the United Kingdom.

Or Eire, for that matter,

(I hope that that doesn’t scupper any nascent plans that you may have had!)

It’s kind of ironic, I don’t smoke weed (or anything) anymore and now it’s legal, at least where I live.


You can buy it from a police station?

That’s nice of them. :grinning:

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: Probably but no, you can 4 blocks down in the main street. They don’t seem to care.

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I don’t think weeds are illegal where I live - though if it were to be made so the government would be rich with the fines they could certainly make out of almost everyone. If you’re passing I can let you have plenty free of charge provided you dig them up yourself. They keep growing in my garden and on the driveway, faster than we have time to control and even weedkillers have only a very temporary effect.

I’ve never tried smoking any of them - but then I’ve never smoked anything, not even cannabis (which is illegal to sell or own or use).


I am going to start growing catnip and set up a nip cafe for the local cats. I just hope their human staff make sure they have a fiver stuck under their collar to pay for their visit. Totally legal, a slim possibility it could be a nice earner to help pay for my Naim habit. Finally, it might stop the pigeons crapping on my conservatory roof.

In the Netherlands you can buy and smoke it legally, and what I see is that Dutch people smoke a bit when they’re young, but not as adults. It’s curiously the expats I know that are regular smokers. People from countries where it is illegal.


A couple of years ago there was a cat cafe in Stroud. You had to book a slot to visit … I don’t think they had a Naim habit to fund as it closed not long after it opened.

How did the cats book their slot at the cafe? Had someone taught them to use a mobile 'phone?


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