Isoacoustics Gaia and Orea on Bookshelf Speakers

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I am interested to know if there are people here who have installed the Isoacoustics Gaia and/or Orea on bookshelf speakers with great success. I understand the Gaia is meant for floorstanders. Isoacoustics recommend the Orea over Gaia on bookshelf speakers which are not fastened/bolted to the stands which they sit on.

Post from Ceexkay below taken from the old thread. Apparently there’s only one member who uses the Gaia on standmounts (Dynaudio S40). If there are folks who use the Orea on standmounts, I would be interested to know the experience. In my mind which is personal, the standmounts look a bit ugly when the Oreas are installed between the speakers and stands. I need to have a look at more photos of the Oreas installed on standmount speakers to get a better feel on the aesthetics part of it.


Another recent Gaia convert here added to Dynaudio Special 40s with 20 stands.

They have brought a wider soundstage and clearer bass to my system.
I would say they have brought bigger improvement than either power lines or SL din/xlr. Perhaps they are allowing the cumulative effect to flow through.
In any event they are not going back. Very happy with their effect.
Definitely worth a try.


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I have on my office computer a pair of focal solo 6be speakers on the iso acoustics aperta stands, they work very well, visually acceptable and affordable.

Unfortunately I am not familiar with the ones you mention to give feedback about them.

I have looked at the Aperta stands and Isopucks which are the cheaper version of Orea. I am guessing the function of the Aperta and Isopuck is almost the same, and the only difference is the Aperta provides flexibility in tilt and height adjustment of the bookshelf speaker which sits on a desk or shelf.

For bookshelf speakers which sit on a table beside a desktop monitor, the Aperta would be more suitable due to the height adjustment feature. However, I’m not sure if the Aperta stand or Isopucks would be more suitable if the bookshelf speakers are placed on shelves as shown in the photos below.

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For bookshelf speakers supported on stands, I am not sure if the Gaia or Orea (or both together) will work better. In this application, my only gripe with the Orea(which is personal) is the speakers don’t look too good when they are installed between the speakers and stands.

The Aperta stands can be used on stands as well but similarly it doesn’t look too good when used in this manner.

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The ones you mention are more discreet than the aperta.


The Aperta is surely useful in this application. Looks good too. I will likely get one of these if I add a pair of speakers to my desktop in the near or distant future.

Currently my main interest is in incorporating one of the Isoacoustic products to bookshelf speakers supported on stands and bookshelf on shelves as shown in the earlier photos. Will see how it goes. The Orea and Gaias aren’t cheap but if they are able to provide a worthwhile improvement to the sound especially bookshelf speakers on stands, that’s all that matters.

The Isoacoustics Gaia (albeit a modified version) has been installed as standard on the Parker series of Marten speakers after a collaboration between Isoacoustics and Marten. The Parker Duo bookshelf speakers has this Gaia at the bottom of the stands as standard. I am unsure if the speakers are fastened or bolted to the stands thus making both act as one.

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