Isoacoustics Orea Bronze under Atom

Hi All,

I have my IsoAcoustics Orea bronze just arrived today and i was wondering how to properly place it under my Atom. Although IsoAcoustics folks suggest it to be placed not under native feet, i found it a bit challenging to do it right… i also noticed that it is not leveled (used bubble level) , does it impact SQ somewhat?

Appreciate all your suggestions!


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I would not put it under the feet. I usually use 3 rather than 4. Make sure to place one under the heaviest part of the box (e.g, over the power supply) Logo pointing forward.


Hi @Ryder35
Thanks for your advise. I was also thinking to use 3 of them. Which ones are you using bronze or any other?
I also noticed that the under right feet it sits not really straight… apologies for bothering, just trying to squeeze maximum out of them :smile:.


Isoacoustics state Oreas have a weight capacity so under or overloading (e.g. using 3 x Bronze) is suboptimal. 4 x Graphite for an Atom (7kg) would be best. Can you return and replace?

I think i can return it (bought on amazon), however i’m still keen to use 3 of them which i did now. Will test it out tomorrow to see if there’s any difference.
I was initially considering buying 4 graphite but lately saw the guy on youtube (official IA video) placed indigos (!) under Atom, so i went the middle way between indigo and graphite :slight_smile:

I use Bordeaux under my speakers at the moment, zazen under the tt. But as said it is all about matching the weight of the components

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Or order a piece of good 1.5 cm thick tempered glass and use the three Orea Bronze, but not directly under the Atom but under the glass, and the Atom above, of course; In addition, this would optimize the load, and the performance, of the three Bronze.

In one of my systems I first installed them directly under the components, but they did not convince me, because it was difficult to adjust them to the loads; I ordered two pieces of tempered glass for the sources, the NDX2 and the NAD, and, once the load is optimized, they work better, in addition to the glass sharpening the sources, which goes very well for the K6.

Thanks @newcomer , good idea though. I also suspect it would balance Atom way better than trying to adjust it manually which is pain. Now the challenging part is to find such tempered glass :grimacing:. Will look for it.

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Local glass shop about £45 for a piece of 10 mm pilkington tempered glass

It is not leveled as the weight distribution of the component is not uniform at all four feet. Most of the weight of the component will be contributed by the transformer, and to keep the component somewhat leveled especially when using three Oreas, some adjustment to the placement of the Oreas will be necessary to not only prevent the component from sitting at a slant angle but optimise the efficiency of the Oreas.

I have the Nobsound footers below components. Notice that the 3rd footer at the rear of the component is placed at a position to keep the component leveled. The number of springs of the footers are also adjusted to maintain the same gap/compression at all feet. A uniform gap or compression of all the footers will indicate that the loads are evenly distributed. I believe the Oreas also work on the same principle.

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I see a Krell. Is it new ?

It is an old one, must be close to 15 years. Before this it was sitting dormant on the display rack for several years so I put it in the system to give it a spin. Rarely played though.

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They put them below the case instead of the feet.

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It’s not that easy, because you have to be sure that the atom will sit on each footer correctly. If not one footer can be under loaded, if you understand what I mean.

Yes, I can understand after spending some time with the installation of the Nobsound footers. I am not sure on the methods to gauge the level of compression with the Oreas to ensure an optimal support load (or perfect level of the component) is achieved. With the Nobsounds, this can be determined by the gap between the top and bottom metal pieces.

It is surely not a very easy task to place the footers below components with unequal weight distribution due to the placement of the heavy transformer on the right or left etc. There is no other way than to experiment by trial and error. In my case, with the Nobsound the footers are moved around until the gap is uniform ie. equal compression between all footers. In this case the footers will not sit nicely symmetrical between left and right, front and rear.

I’m not sure how the adjustment with the placement of the Oreas is carried out though since the compression at each footer is not visible to the naked eye / cannot be measured.


I’ve played around a few days, however wouldn’t notice any significant difference but more of an perfection :slight_smile: that’s not an easy job indeed to level it up with the right mass distribution on each feet. The only level for me to see the bronze line going straight horizontally, so i would presume it sits correctly now (?). Will be an itchy thing to play around for some time )
Most importantly is the sound has improved lightly in terms of better separation, tighter upper bass, mids are more pleasant. Definitely an improvement.

P.s. still don’t know if they sit right or there’s plenty room for experiments

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My reasoning is to press hardly the box with a finger , just above the footer. If it doesn’t wobble, it’s good. So you have to repeat at the three points.

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Where’s Shiv?


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