IsoAcoustics Orea Graphite vs Rega wall shelf with Rega P10

Hi all
Does anybody know the benefit of using IsoAcoustics Orea Graphite instead of Rega wall shelf and vice versa with Rega P10 ?

Thanks in advance

Everyone I know who tried came to the conclusion that any kind of elastic absorption in the platform/feet robs Regas of their life. There’s a reason why Rega built the bracket lightweight and stiff. Other lightweight and stiff bases generally seem to work as well, it’s what I use (P10 on carbon-kevlar base on Pro-Ject wall shelf, because the TT orientation on the Rega shelf does not work for me)

@Dunc had isoacoustics devices under the P10. He can testify if it sounded better.

Well to be fair it all depends on what you are fighting against and the options you have going forward.
For me it was trying to stop micro vibrations, tried the rega wall mount, but that didn’t work for me, due to my wall being of stud design and the void space acting like a drum.
So modified the wall bracket and added isoacoustic feet instead of the standard P10 feet, better but still in the end not perfect.
So back on the rack ( not fraim at this point) and with the isoacoustic feet, better, then came the fraim rack, better again, but still preferred it with the isoacoustic feet, then I added townshend podiums under my speaker’s and this changed everything.
Podiums along with fraim ment that I no longer felt I needed isoacoustic feet under my P10 or the other gear that I was using them under, tried them with and without and couldn’t tell any difference, so sold them all.

But what I am getting at is, yes they can work, but it depends on what you are trying to fix

Thanks guys for your replies , I just want to stop the micro vibrations and avoid to install a wall bracket but from my research and the comments the best solution is to use a wall shelf

It could well be as long as you have a solid wall to fix too.
The other concern with isoacoustic feet on the P10 is that the rear leg takes much more weight than the front left and so you can easily upset it on feet like this and to get over this you are better placing the turntable on a nice bit of wood and then put the isoacoustic feet between this and your shelf/rack.
As said I tried many different ways and this was the best way

I have a concrete wall , the drilling is a pain as it was for my TV. wouldn’t it be better to use an IsoAcoustics zazen platform?

Also concrete wall here, it is a pain with the little amateur drills, but not a problem at all with pro tools. My dealer had it installed within a few minutes, well worth it!

I think that I read, written by someone at Rega, that the standard P10 feet are designed to have a sensible amount of compliance.
Sensible was not defined.

FWIW, the ZaZen platform has received a favourable review in one of the UK’s hifi magazines, but unfortunately I forgot which one. If you are UK-based, it might be worthwhile to stop by at your local WHSmith.

Actually I live in Luxembourg and I don’t have a chance for an audition or returning the item.

I bought a zazen on launch.It was dire under my P8, sucked all the life out if it.
Demoted it to under my cd5si, subtle effect but heyho.

I hope your P8 survived…


I love my granite veneered black platform under the P10. No life is sucked, not any hardness neither.

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