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I’m wondering if you could advise me please. I own a 300dr and n272 and would like to improve my current set up. I’m unable to locate a fraim in our living room and so have had to compromise by sitting the units on cabinet shelves. Would members think I would see improvements by purchasing Naim balls, cups and glass plinths? Thank you very much.

Yes. Been there and pleased. Don’t bother with the expensive plastic rings to stick on the glass unless you are worried about TT and little children.


Thanks Phil - do you think it genuinely improved the sound?

Just put some 10mm glass, cups and balls under an Atom. Replaced some sorbothane feet that were under the glass. For me, a decent improvement at not much cost.

Yes. If you look at System Pictures you will find a number of pictures with the glass etc in racks other than Fraim. Whatever you put the glass on needs to have some stiffness and not wobble.


I did the same on my Nova, Naim cups and balls with 10mm toughened glass from a local glazier, definite improvement in detail and tighter bass.


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Quadraspire QPlus interfaces work perfectly fine.

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