Isolation platform for a specific turntable style?


I’m looking for a suitable isolation platform for my turntable (Dr Feickert Woodpecker). As of now it sits right on top of a wooden furniture bench. Sturdy, but perhaps not ideal for a turntable.

The Woodpecker is rather heavy with about 18-20kg, and seems to be constructed with heavy mass mfd deck as a principle to stave of vibrations. But I can’t see that the feets have very much of dampening function. They do have a rubber finish, but this act more like a suction cup than dampening in my view… which is a bit annoying for slight adjustments.

Anyway, I thought of perhaps a Zazen II platform but find the max capacity too low for the Woodpecker. I was also looking at the Isoacoustic feets, to put three of them supporting the deck. Somehow I still feel a platform would be better (and look better).

Now I’m looking at the Avid platform with sorbothane feet (max weight 50kg). Would this suit the construction style of the Woodpecker? Thoughts about and experience with this isolation platform, or the way to find a good one for the Dr Feickert, are most welcome!


I would go for a 3cm granite veneered finish platform. Not expensive and very effective.
There is also the Isoacoustics Delos, Symposium shelf and Finite Elemente. Different prices too.
The best are HRS. But 3k.

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I was looking at the isoacoustic Delos also. But I’m not a great fan of the choppingboard looks in such a colour. In that case I would prefer to custom order something like that in smoked oak and put the feets under it myself. :blush:

Also my thought was that a lighter platform with good feets would be proper, as the deck already is heavy. But perhaps the platform should be in the same style for even better effect?


I had an SME 20/2 before, 25 kg deck. The granite platform was a big upgrade.
I know have the Rega Rp10 and still prefer the granite platform vs a light hard wood butcher block I tried.
Can’t say more. The best is to try.

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There is a review by Jason Kennedy on Techradar that describes the construction, constrained layer damping in the plinth.
If you are looking for something other than a block, how about Quadraspire Qplus supports. In the UK it is possible to borrow a case set, whether that would be available to you I am not sure.

Thanks, interesting read. I guess the plinth is made up the same way for the later version of the Woodpecker I have. It seems to work well. Knocking at the plinth produces no sound at all through the speakers during playback. If that is anything to take as a indication of the need for further dampening.

Will look at your suggestion as well.

I don’t dislike wooden blocks/plattforms but would prefer somthing else than the light colour and clunky form of the Delos, hence the Avid platform looked like an option.

I found that the Absolute sound review of the Woodpecker uses a Neuance isolation platform, to great effect apparently.
Around 2kg. 175 dollars.

Answer: According to the Neuance website, the platform is described as: “…[a] low mass, internally dissipating design [that] augments your components’ own resonance control functions. Neuance preserves the pace, rhythm and timing of the original musical performance, offering an organic, natural and balanced presentation. The result is a product that reveals the music’s dynamic, kinetic and emotional qualities.” A pretty lofty claim. Is this hype or is it true…?

There is also the Project Ground it. 120 euros.


Frankly you could get a decent quality chopping board and put some rubber feet on it. Cheaper and pretty much what you would be buying from these ‘accessory manufacturers’. If you want to isolate, well I’d imagine your turntable is already doing an OK job at the frequencies that count. Else move the turntable away from the speakers (thus remove the issue) or consider a isolation platform from a serious equipment supplier such as Spiers and Robertson. Their active air suspension systems are normally used for microscopes and the like. They work.


The Neuance platform is a nice piece- rigid but light taken to the extreme. Unfortunately, they have not been manufactured for many years now and only available on the SH market where they are difficult to source.
They are best used for LP12’s and Rega tables where this type of platform can reap big benefits. Not sure how well they work with a mass loaded turntable design…
I use mine under a LP12 on a TP wall shelf in the place of the supplied mdf shelf. Works very well :+1:

I don’t know how effective it would be under the Woodpecker, just read that Absolute sound reviewer uses it in his review of that deck.
A granite black veneered base would be my choice personally.

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Well i am thinking about hollow’ing out the under side of my solid oak work top and fill this with Molten lead, this will add considerable weight to it and hope the dead weight qualities of lead help?

As you do…

Seems a good idea…worth to try.

Would that lead be from North Molton or South Molton ?

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Predicted text on phone, but you get the idea lol.


If one day you want the best for the SME, go for Minus K platform . Some say it’s really a must. But 2500 dollars, if not more.



You might also want to consider SRA, Silent Running Audio


Melt the lead outside won’t you and don a respirator.

Firstly is a wall shelf not possible?

If not the source a piece of wood colour and size and finish of your choice and then add either Isoacoustic, Isonoe or any of those type of feet you like. Not only will it keep costs down but it will give the exact colour and look you like.

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O yes, but i am a plumber and heating engineer, so know what i am doing.