Isolation platform for amp

Hi all,

I’m looking for a isolation platform for my Accuphase E-270 integrated. So far i think Isoacoustics would probably works fine (i have gaias and oreas) but just wondering if anyone can recommend something better? The budget is 200-350£.

Many thanks!

What is under the amp now?

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Nothing, just sitting on top of a tv cabinet :frowning: vibrations are quite intense on higher volume

Premium End Grain Walnut and Maple Butcher Block Cutting Board ZigZag

See on google

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I use double isolation. One thick heavy hard wood board, custom made for me on rubbery feet. This way I can spread the weight evenly. On top of this I have an acrylic custom cut board resting on three Iso Accoustics Puks. You should be mindful of the minimum weight. You want the device to be hovering in mid air. If its to light the suspension will not be really activated. Also you shouldn’t overload the suspension because if it bottoms out it is doing nothing.

Imagine a suspension fork on a mountain bike. The device should float.


I suggest experimenting with diy options and things you can try and return.

Try a kitchen chopping block or a piece of granite from a local kitchen top supplier or similar, or a sheet of glass.

Try Isoacoatics pucks and the rubbery Nimbus Assembly feet from HRS, or rival options, with or without the aforementioned wood/ stone/ glass sheets.

You can also try Naim cups-and-balls from a Fraim with a suitable sheet of glass.

Or you can order 3 or 4 different isolation platforms and send back for a refund all but the best performer.

Do let you a know what the final solution for you is!


Thank you guys for the suggestions! Will certainly try various options :blush:. Just curious to see what difference it can bring to SQ. Let’s see

Its not SQ. Its hum and smell that gets under control. Because of AC electricity nature the Transformer vibrates and creates all kinds of issues. This is why in the higher class devices they get separated.

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Thanks @Ivo didn’t even know this :slightly_smiling_face: Now it makes sense )

Aptitlig bamboo chopping board from IKEA. Stick 4 of those small sticky silicone feet on the bottom and of you go.

It’s another great option that’s cheap to try. Even if it isn’t your favourite, you can use it for tomatoes.


Onion or Garlic for me. I get my chopped tomatoes from a tin. :wink:

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