Isolation pucks for DIY AV rack

I have made myself an AV rack for my hi-fi.

The bottom 6 legs have spikes in the bottom which need spike feet as it will be situated on a wooden floor.

Can anyone recommend to me some feet that have excellent vibration absorbing properties as my 2 young kids regularly run past where it will be placed.

As I need 6 it would be useful if they were sold individually.



Looks gorgeous.

There are loads of feet around. For the base of my racks and speakers I use Kripton spike shoes from Japan. They are very heavy. Very wide so spike slippage is unlikely, and have an inset silicone ring underneath that deforms when weight is applied. it takes non of the load but makes slippage across wood or tiled floors difficult whuch is great for keeping the rack in place.

Under my non racked hifi I use Quadraspire Qplus interfaces between hifi feet and surface.

Thanks Zen, can you poss send me a link for those Kripton shoes. When I Google them all I get is running shoes.

go to Amazon’s Japanese site, select English, then search for “kripton IS-100” or the heavier IS-200

Blimey - will done Mr Praggers sir. Lovely work. Looks very similar to my double width Hutter unit, but much prettier. Do you take orders?

Nothing to add about location feet I’m afraid, other than the ubiquitous 50pence piece with a bit of blu-tack underneath. Yes - I’m a cheapskate.

Absolutely. coins work fine in a pinch. Though when I used then are a very smooth wood floor they left the Queen’s head behind.

I have to say that I have found Chord Company Silent Mounts absolutely amazing, they are not cheap, come in packs of four (although their customer service is good so they may respond kindly to a request for help).
Having had them under my speaker stands for four months, on carpet, they have settled nicely and have almost totally eliminated vibration/ringing in the stands.
Not owning any Naim, I cannot describe it as a box change, but perhaps as much as going from lingo 3 to lingo 4 on my turntable.

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