Just a quick one…

Just bought a second REL s3 sub and was wondering… would it be better to take the GAIA II’s off my speakers and put them on the subs… and then put the cheaper Soundpath isolators on my speakers??
Or just have the main speakers on spikes?

Cos I think the subs would benefit more from better isolation as now the B&Ws arnt really kicking out the bass…

Why not try it for yourself and report back? It’s going to be system dependent and I doubt anyone else has tried the same thing. I suspect they’ll make more difference on the main speakers.

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Lol just unscrewing them now…

I’ll be back

After I’ve probably hurt my back!! cos everything weighs a tonne :disappointed:


No difference…

Changed them back…

Going for a lie down :sleepy:


Close thread.

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REL recommends not using any isolators, spikes, or feet otherwise. They are designed to sit directly on the floor to help load the room.

Can’t be right…

They vibrate everything. Especially with wooden flooring

The B&Ws will be kicking out exactly the same amount of bass they did without the sub, unless you have some sort of external crossover separating out the bass and sending it to the sub.

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I’ve been using REL subs for over a decade, and on a second floor with wood floors and old sub-floors. The subs sound right on the floor. I once tried spikes and I tried an isolation platform. It all sounded worse. Lesson learned. I accept REL’s wisdom and do it the way they recommend. I now have a pair of REL S/510 in a 11’ x 17’ x 8’ room and it all sounds fantastic. I don’t hear anything vibrating, ever.

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