Issue Editing Come On Feel The Illinoise!

I’m busy re-ripping my CDs since I got a Melco D100. I’m having an issue with Sufjan Steven’s Come On Feel The Illinoise. The ripping process seems to work fine, but I can’t seem to edit the tags on one particular track - track 2. This has an enourmously long filename and title. The dBPowerAmp tag editor simply won’t open it. I can’t even rename the file to something more manageable in Windows.
Obviously I can just retain my previously used version of this track, but I’d like the Melco-rip.
Anyone else seen anything like this?

Looks like this is a victim of Windows restriction of 256 as the maximum path length. I was able to copy the rip to the desktop (with a short path) and then could edit the filename. Once the shortened file was copied back into the album folder I was able to edit the tags as normal.