Issue of connecting US-SSD to NAS

I got US-SSD to connect NAS (Synology DS120j) to play HD music files stored on the NSA. US-SSD and NAS were wire-connected to a switch (Netgear GS108E), and the switch is wire-connected to one of satellites of an Orbi mesh wifi system where the router is located two floors up. US-SSD is connected to NDS via DC1 cable. I went through some postings in this forum regarding the set up, and created two share folders (download and rip) on my NAS to hold purchased music files and files from ripping CDs in the future. Unfortunately, “Manage Shares” in Network Shares cannot pick up those two folders on the NAS. So, I use “Add New Share” with the NAS server name and folder name with user’s name and password. US-SSD did pick up the OP of NAS, but fail to connect to it. I have tried to play with the permission on NAS, but none of them works. US-SSD just cannot find the folder through scanning. Any help is greatly appreciated.

It might be to do with the SMB protocol. SMB1 is no more, which is what the ageing US uses, its likely your NAS is onto SMB3, there might be a setting somewhere in the NAS to enable SMB1

Be aware SMB1 was depreciated because its not particularly secure, may not be a massive issue on the home network.

Thank you for your quick feedback. Ny NAS was set to have SMB ranging from SMB2 to SMB3. With your suggestion, I change it to be from SMB1 to SMB3, but US-SSD still cannot connect to NAS.

After playing with NAS further, I solved my problem by activating Windows network discovery. I did not expect US utilize Windows network server after seeing the previous feedback about SMB. Thank you for your attention and help.

No problemo, glad its working

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