Issues with Tidal Connect

Does anyone here have the same problem?

I can select my NDX-2 or the Uniti Atom in the Tidal app, but the stream doesn‘t start. If i go with the Naim App, everthing is working fine, but not every playlist appears. Espacially the ones curated for me.


My Tidal connect disappeared a couple of days ago so I have stuck to Appleplay. Restarted the Ipad today and Tidal connect now works, so may be a Tidal app updating issue. Good luck.

Strange. When I try to play using connect nothing happens. Using airplay it works fine.
After playing using airplay forcing the tidal app to play. Going back in and selecting connect the album plays as expected.
Always a new routine for troubleshooting to follow.
One interesting observation I had to log in to my tidal app earlier but that did not solve the problem just gave access to my tidal collection and playing history.