It finally happened!

My wife called my system ‘a balalaika’.
I feel like she insulted me a bit.
So, what should I do, any opinions?

What is wrong with a balalaika?

If it had been a bouzouki you could have opened a cheese shop. :wink:

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I must be missing a cultural reference here as I don’t see this as an insult!

Buy a balalaika and show the difference. Or play loads of balalaika music.

My wife says the focal utopia and the airpods sound the same.

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Be thankful she didn’t call it an accordion. Several musicians I know, state the definition of a gentleman is someone who can play the accordion but chooses not too.

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Balalaika is something a bit ancient, ridiculous, childish.

Oh damn! When I hear such things a rage flows through my veins!

Logicaly there is no insult. But emotionaly I feel there is something such as a depreciation!

They sound roughly the same if you don’t pay too much attention while listening :slight_smile: I use both with equal pleasure (though in different scenarios)

Also says the HomePod mini is good enough, that one after spending so much in the living roon system…. Sometimes makes me think for her ears as long something plays music all is the same “music”…

If she says that’s the case, perhaps you should suggest to her that it would be a good idea to make some improvements (Code for upgrades) to make the system sound better…
Statement beckons?

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Indeed! Nice ambush :slight_smile:

Yeah! I feel the same sometimes

Obviously you need to learn how to play it… so time to upgrade!

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If you were playing balalaika music at the time, surely it is a compliment that it sounds like the real thing?

But if you were playing lute music (or guitar, cello, harpsichord etc), then maybe it is simply her telling you that you need a better system, especially speakers.

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Well, my left hand is not working at the moment. I once thought I would start playing accoustic bass guitar. Instead of bass I bought a system :slight_smile:

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Hmmm … maybe not a keeper …

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“A bit like the clogs you’re wearing you mean?”