It’s MAD!


Not read it in decades but it was a revelation for me when I discovered it in the late ‘70’s and carried on reading through my teenage years. There really was nothing else like it at the time, at least nothing easily available in the U.K.


I read it at the end of the 60’s and early 70’s and remember how ‘mad’ it could be!

I remember one story so very clearly, one where they suggested that because we all used cars to get everywhere, that in a very short time we would evolve to stop having legs and would instead have one of those rolly half globes below the waist, like those inflatable dummies have that you punch and knock over but they bounce right back up, and we would move around the house on small electronic hover/skateboards etc.

It wasn’t all that ‘mad’ really!

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Aaaahhh…Don Martin!
I adored his stuff!

Had several of his books since my teenage years, tho now lost I think…

The dentist story!

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I just remembered a MAD favourite of mine:
The family visit to the Chinese restaurant.
I don’t remember the artist - but I used to pore over the sheer detail of the drawings. Superb stuff!

Very sad news indeed. I remember the Dentist story too…you are looking very down in the mouth today if you don’t mind me saying…Gee you are a really funny guy that’s the first time I’ve heard that…TODAY!!! etc etc. I have a large portrait of Alfred E Neuman on my wall at work.


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And what does the E stand for?

No idea!

If it lay down it would be M.



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