It shouldn’t happen here

Hi Max,

Maybe you missed my reply to MDS that it shouldn’t happen anywhere.

I do however apologise to everybody about my clumsy labelling of this post. Maybe I should have labelled it “I am absolutely shocked that it happened here”


@Steeve - I am really not sure what point you are trying to make putting all those newspapers there. It’s quite a dangerous game, to start weaponising an atrocity for a blame game.

Far more Muslims are killed by other Muslims than they are by white supremacists. Usually it’s Sunni on Shia, and the death payload is usually delivered via a suicide bomber or IED.

Usually the perps are a jihadist group - ISIS, Al-Shebaab, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram etc. Most of the deaths occur in places like Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Mali etc. [Surprisingly, Thailand is a bit of a terrorist hotspot also, but these are mostly anti-government, as far as I can ascertain].

By the far the biggest terrorist atrocities of the year so far occurred in Afghanistan (Taliban attack) and Nigeria (territorial dispute between farmers), both of which each accounted for 100+.

According to the 2018 Global Terrorism Index, the number of deaths from terrorism has been in decline for three years. While Islamist terror is in slight decline, it is still resonsible for the vast majority of deaths (18,000+), and most of its victims are Muslims. Far right or white supremacist groups were responsible for 17 deaths in 2018.

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It’s the same in Australia, we’re lead by people who use fear and minority’s to their own political end. The right wing media have also flamed this hate.

Both should be having a good look at how they react. Our current PM apparently suggested using this hatred to gain the upper hand in an election 9 years ago.

This stuff didn’t happen overnight, it’s been fueled by these types of people for years.

It’s certainly changed how I’ll vote next election, Roger Waters put it succinctly in his last album “you learn to the left but you vote right”.

I wasn’t surprised by what happened here in NZ. And I’m not surprised by the rush to politicise the tradegy whilst the bodies were still warm. We have spent generations glorifying violence and creating a culture of death, and suddenly it’s “how did that happen?” and everyone is virtue signaling.



I partly apologize (I know that partial apologies don’t really exist, but let’s pretend) with you for my reply. There are those days, you know. My wife tells me often that what I mistake for irony is actually sarcasm, and I have – with some surprise – discovered that 99% of people hate sarcasm and consider it a direct offense to them. I’ll try to keep my sarcastic nature for myself.

In the end, anyway, I strongly believe that any comment on such kind of events should perhaps be avoided, starting from the assumption that a), we all abhor them in principle and, b), there’s the hard to digest truth that they might have a legitimate point of view in thinking they’re in a war, exactly like we do. Right and wrong are never on one side only, and I don’t even want to begin discussing the use of terror by some of the Western, civilized countries when they have taken for granted they were in the right. Let’s not start counting the dead, and even less let’s not start to check their skin color or religious belief.



please see my reply to Simon.



Ohh for humanity’s sake - why should someone else’s pain cause happiness to someone else ??

The explosions in the lovely country of Sri lanka are terrible terrible terrible event…

Does pain ( and its sharing ) depend on race or color or the practice of ones faith ???

Awful really…

I dont know what do they want ?

and who are they ??

Havent they been taught by their faith - to practice ones faith - one need not hurt others ?

havent they experienced the love of their mothers and their family ?

havent they experienced - the way to heal ( their own ?? ) pain - is thru spreading love and not hate and hurt.

why are they hell bent on destroying innocence ?

They - refers to everybody - every deviant mind who thinks and performs actions that hurt others.

disgusting fellows…


:small_blue_diamond: Mpw,…You really wonder how these idiots thinks.
Where will all these fools come from.??

Put them guilty of this on a desert island and let them starve to death,…or in a cage in public so that everyone can go forth and spit on these “So-called” humans.

I have no words for this tragedy.

/Peder :sob:

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