It shouldn’t happen here

I just wanted to pass on my deepest sympathies to the Muslim community of NZ for being victims of a barbaric act of hatred that has no place in this beautiful part of the world.
The people of Christchurch have been rocked by this atrocity. This is not who we are.



An appalling atrocity. My sympathies to all affected, especially the victims and their families but also the witnesses and those in the emergency services who had to deal with it.

And, of course, it shouldn’t happen anywhere.


Sorry MDS, you are right, it shouldn’t happen anywhere…

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I am so sad about this brainless atrocity. Muslim’s here a a wonderful part of our community. As a New ZealanderI have really appreciated the distance we had from war, brexit and political extremism. Sadly it has spread its tentacles here and we will be profoundly changed. So sad for our Muslim brothers and we as a nation.


I was thinking as to how does society react to situations like this… especially NZ - which i have read is a decent society and good people.

what kind of actions do the society need to take and in this case NZ society so that nobody feels like doing this abominable action any more …

In my view -

a. deterrent action like imprisonment ( alone ) etc…is not enough

b. there is a need to send a message to terrorists and that message must be something
un-conventional and not involve fear or pain

c. That beings us to love.

How about making that guy hug the families of all those affected and maybe thousands of New Zealanders -

maybe he will repent …

repentance will be the best deterrent

and that will be live streamed to the same channel he live streamed to while committing this barbaric act.

His friends and supporters have to be won over with love and ofcourse strong policy…actions on possession of guns.

I fail to understand why someone would need a semi-automatic gun ( or any gun ) in the first place ?

My thoughts might not be appreciated by all

i thought about this last evening too…

The pain that NZ will be going thru is felt my me too in terms of sadness.

These days no country in the world is safe from any form of terrorism and that includes my lovely India too.

However as a society we can think of new ways to reform…

because violent revenge doesnt take anyone anywhere…

I am not talking of state sponsored terrorism & similar forms but of actions like these which emanate from

lack of family feeling ( is the biggest bane of the western culture IMO )
lack of love
lack of compassion
lack of education
lack of humanity

Maybe the NZ justice system might read and consider this message…

I wish all NZ’s to grieve and heal as well.

But essentially continue to be the same lovely people you are… but with extra precautions and a no gun law.



and i suppose technology and social media the likes of Facebook and youtube and whatsapp have some soul searching to do…

weather they will do it themselves or have to be prodded onto doing it or the possibility of monitoring these things are open to debate…

but one thing is very clear and un-disputable

this kind of social media activity and streaming etc… is simply un-acceptable - to me atleast…

as this is changing the course of human thinking and humanity - for the worse IMO

It is incredibly sad. I’m sorry to say that I am not even surprised that it happened here, or to know that there is no hope of the cycle being broken, such is degree of brokenness in the world.

We can only be the change we wish to see in the world, and bring people to love, one by one until love wins.


love the way you express…

be the change you want to see… - MK Gandhi

regards & best wishes


So sad, brings back memories of my two amazing friends I lost in Tunisia…having a great day on the beach then …GONE!!
So so sad

I think the discussion is coming from a conditioned perspective which needs checking.

The attack was on people. Specifically, the people of New Zealand. Name checking their religion really shouldn’t be necessary.

It’s awful, shocking and pointless, just like all murder and terrorism.

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As an Australian I’m ashamed that this thing was breed here, the lack of empathy is sickening.

Unfortunately tolerance is in short supply everywhere.

But unfortunately it will happen wherever there is a religion whatsoever. Forever and ever.

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There is no place on earth that is immune from such lunatic individuals. Things that can be done are prevent the public access to fire arms and have a well trained and fast reacting security force. It is hard to understand why it took 36 whole minutes from the first alert of shooting for the NZ police to capture the guy.

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Haim, the police apprehended this individual with 21 minutes of first notification via 111 emergency call. He was on the way to a third target when he was stopped. I think they did as good a job as they could have, given the circumstances.

Agreed don’t know about but I’m tried people fighting over their imaginary friends.

If it’s not religion, it’s the colour of your skin, hair, where you were born, your politics, your sexuality, your gang or even the football team you support… people are essentially tribal and it appears often default to pitting one group against an other… the vast majority can put these differences into proportion and perspective and tend to value difference overall… but as we see there are few who can’t and who may even be mentally sick can latch on to these differences to create a grotesque perspective to justify despicable acts… for their self satisfaction, their twisted cause or seeking notoriety/attention…
I think it’s a more case of this than general tolerence of the population at large.
But the general feel of repulsion and understandable empathy against such atrocities by the majority will almost certainly drive the vulnerable and sick to achieve further atrocities… it’s the tribal behaviour again… Humanity is far from straightforward … within all it’s facets from celebratory and creative to destructive and evil.


Noble speech, Simon. Worth listening to it under the rain in Speaker’s Corner.

To the OP and his thread’s title: where would you have rather had that happen?


Of course I add my condolences to all those affected by this disgusting act of violence.

However, I don’t agree this is an innate part of human nature. The vast majority of people are appalled by this action. Also I think, rather conveniently, all the blame has been placed upon social media without looking at society as a whole.

To be fair, I don’t know the situation of the mainstream media and politicians in New Zealand and/or Australia. I can only comment on the situation in the U.K. where this is a constant barrage of racist and anti-Muslim headlines on an almost daily basis from the millionaire owners of the mainstream press.

image image

In addition to this, you have elected MPs such as Boris Johnson - touted as a future leader of the Tory Party - making racist and Islamaphobic statements on a regular basis and a governing party that, as highlighted by Sayeeda Warsi, has systemic racism and Islamophobia within it and is not interested in tackling it. Then there is the Windrush scandal of deporting British citizens who have lived in this country legally for many decades. It’s comforting at least that most people in Britain were appalled by this.

But all of these actions legitimize racist behavior. And of course it’s the same in the US with the actions and speeches of Trump, Fox News and Breibart etc. and his trivializing of the actions of the white supremacists.

Anyone would think there is a ruling class who have a vested interest in dividing the many. :slight_smile:

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Respectful of you to say, but my aim wasn’t to be noble, just reflective and resist the inevitable ‘armchair indignation’ and the over used and simplistic terms ‘racist’ and ‘terrorist’ to label abhorrent behaviours associated with difference. To your question where I would rather this take place, my answer is no where… and to the OP, obviously no one place is better or worse than any other for such an atrocity.