Italian Lakes

OK folks, this year’s Summer destination is as above, perhaps Lake Iseo, but not yet decided.

Been to Italy a few times over the years, including Milan which of course is not too far away, but not overly familiar with this part of the country.

Any recommendations for best places to stay (probably via Airbnb), visit, eat etc?

Contributions very welcome :grinning:

Lago Trasimeno (Umbria) e Lago Campotosto (Abruzzo). The best

Had a lovely holiday a few years ago in Lake Maggore, stayed in the lovely town of Stressa which is home of some top hotels Isle Borromini being top

Everything you want from laws holiday with out the coaches as Maggoire is a small ish lake and they tend to head over to Como

maggoire has the stunning island on the door step and water taxis are easy

Milan is a 90 mins away

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Lake Garda is great. Stay in Garda town or nearby and use the boats to get around. You can also catch the bus down to Verona easily about 40mins.
Garda is in the middle of the lake so ideal for covering all the lake.nice bars and restaurants on the lakeside.

I always found Stresa windy. It seems to funnel up the lake

@Proterra no wind when we were there only thunder storm over night which was welcome

Only issue at certain times was the mosquito in the early evening, would also agree Garda is stunning

we stayed in stresa as Antz mentioned . superb hotel and location . a real bonus was we were on the top floor and the chap in the next room played briefly in pink floyd and roxy music . we had a few good chats. friendly place with lovely shops , loads to do . highly recommended

Cheers folks, any views on Lake Como?

Como is quieter and less commercial.

Rained a lot in Como when I was there (April - or was it May ?)

Don’t go in August. It’s bedlam when all the Italians and Germans are on holiday there.


OK, thanks for that, probs late July.

I remember when on a trip to Amalfi some years back, driving to Naples for the day only to find it was shut because all the Italians had gone on holiday at the same time! About the only thing open was McDonalds.

And the Moto Guzzi museum is shut.

We had a lovely week in June a few years ago at Lake Orta. It is about the size of Lake Windermere and much quieter and less touristy than the larger lakes. Some good walking, including a hike over the hills to Lake Maggiore. We visited Stressa which was pleasant but a little busy for our tastes.

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