I've done it now

In preparation for the house move (2000sqft down to 700sqft) I’ve just done a deal to trade the amps and speakers to my local dealer. Basically he keeps the value as a credit note on his system until I’m ready to order their replacements (hopefully active 50’s). So, in two weeks times, he’s coming round with a van to collect the P1 amps and the SCM40 speakers :frowning:

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I’m guessing that some dealers will be chomping at the bit to do some kind of deal such as yours. Having heard the 50’s that sounds like a great move.

Nice choice :sunglasses:

Good luck with the move and acclimating to the smaller space. Looking forward to reading how you get on with the ATC Active 50’s in you new home.

I hoping to go for a pair of AE1 Actives for the ‘smaller’ property but, even with them, I’m struggling where to put them. Ether side of the fireplace sounds possible but there’s going to be a degree on settee interference and also keeping them far enough away from the stove to not get cooked.

Wow, that is small! (Though if in Hong Kong or Japan may be considered palatial!) I trust the listening room is half of it?!

I’m not 100% sure where the speakers etc… will be sited. It’s going to be very much make it up as we go along. The living room is 3.6x3.6m with a large chunk out of one wall with a brick fireplace. This also has the front door and exit door. We were hoping for two settees but I think not much chance… It’s going to be challenging :frowning:

I hope he doesn’t go into administration in the meantime.

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Yes, well, it did cross my mind but…

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