IXO for SBLs

Is there a difference between the olive IXO and later DR IXO? I’ll be using it with my SBLs wirh later tweeters.

What is a DM IXO? Your profile says you have a SNAXO, so why might you want an IXO?

Sorry I meant DR IXO. Yes I have a SNAXO but the gain knobs on the back of the IXO are intriguing. How would IXO sound compare to SNAXO? Might it be a bit brighter and offer more control?

I found the IXO a very poor substitute. Or rather, when I bought a SNAXO suddenly active made a lot more sense. This was on Credos at the time. I had sold the IXO when I bought SBLs


I’ve never heard of a DR IXO either. What is it? There was only ever an olive IXO, which was never as good as a Snaxo.

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IXO was primarily for Credos. Was it worth it? Yes, that’s why IMHO they scrapped it. Giving out too much… in terms of cost…

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The IXO can be surprising, but ultimately a SNAXO shows it a clean pair of heels in all respects bar the extra cost.

Thanks all. Wanting to get higher highs I find myself perhaps over pushing the pots inside the snaxo. I thought maybe the IXO with tear controls might be good alternative.

Maybe you should look at other solutions within your system, sorry to say? The IXO will not solve your problem or preferrences…

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Maybe you have age related high frequency hearing impairment. It may be worth having a hearing test. For quite a while I wondered if my SL2 tweeters were working.

If the treble performance is poor are your SBL tweeters in need of refreshing?

I understand the SNAXO pots are very sensitive and it might be wise to adjust very small increments. Never touched mine.


The Snaxo sounds better without the box,the sound opens up and you have also easy access to the pots.

Thanks for all your thoughtful comments. Great minds think alike. I usually run the SNAXO without the box and also think there might be a sonic improvement - even if only psychological. As for the age of the tweeters, I recently purchased a pair of Scan Speak D2010/852100 tweeters but have not yet installed them. I thought one of my tweeters went bad but it turned out to be loose speaker wire NAC A5 solder. I fixed the connection and they seem to be okay. I’m somewhat hesitant to put them in b/c I understand I’ll need to carve out holes for the connections and drill extra holes for the mounting screws. Has anyone here tried the D2010/852100 in SBLs?

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