Japan Trip

While on a Family trip to the land of the rising sun I’ve taken a few hours out to have a bit of a look around. My home county of New Zealand unfortunately has stocks and stocks of really poor performing vinyl. So having the opportunity to source some mint first Japanese pressing I did with the help of discogs. I’ve only got half a dozen but I’m very excited about it all. Here is a little map of a great area and it’s not Shinjuku!!
I hope it helps anybody else who gets the chance


Very thoughtful of you @Rooster :+1:
I hope you get some good ones :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Be careful to not finish as Peking rooster.
Have a nice trip. Maybe @feeling_zen can be your distant guide ?

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Sorry, I got a neck ache. That’s better! :sunglasses:


Here’s the other end and back .I hope it can be zoomed in on. You can translate.

Google maps worked ok but not that great as you all probably know.


I’m going there at the end of September so if you don’t mind please list the record shops you recommend to check out as I too plan to snap up some vinyl.

I was in Tokyo 3 weeks ago and stumbled by pure chance on a chain of 2nd hand records shops in Shinjuku. Don’t remember the name, but I was amazed by the choice in their classical CD section. I could have bought so many if I hadn’t been limited by the available space in my suitcase. Also, in true Japanese fashion, those “2nd hand CDs” were in absolutely pristine condition and cost next to nothing.

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Sadly I’m not on the mainland anymore. When I was in Tokyo I just bought stuff at one of the several Diskunion shops. Which also doubles as a hifi chain.

I think the only rule is, avoid Akihabara. Aside from being crowded and stressful, it’s not the kind of esoteric hifi and music real enthusiasts are after. It’s all a bit mainstream.


I hope it’s not as hot as it is at the moment for you. Apparently diskunion has about 200 shops in the Tokyo area so any of them seem to be good.
Flash disc ranch was the most interesting for me, a lot of old school lp’s for ¥800 up stair no A/c the guy speaks great English.
If you get that back page translated it tells you what type of music they sell. I think some diskunion stores will do tax free over ¥5000. Have fun be prepared to do a lot of walking.

I forget the name of this little shop but he gave me the map. Was friendly but sold most of his LP’s via the internet. Wouldn’t let me have a look at the back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Flash ranch

Little bit expensive this one called General Record Store.
Bring some first press Stone Roses or Oasis sell for big money!


That’s amazing! Thanks so much. Having a list of record shops denoted by music genre is perfect. I mainly listen to metal so hopefully one of those specialize in the genre. Either way I’ll probably dedicate an entire day to record shopping.

Next is working out a store that keeps a Phasemation PP-2000 cartridge in stock…

They all have a lot of heavy metal. So you should have very fine day!
I think Disc Ranch had the most Selection I saw,
Diskunion had the cleanest lp’s imo.
Note you need to ask the staff to check the condition before you look, they may even do it for you. Another reason why they keep very clean lp’s on the secondhand market.

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I was in Shimomkitazawa 6 weeks ago.It is a great suburb , low rise and full of recycled clothing outlets as well as record shops. It’s also a bit off the beaten track and not too touristy. There is also excellent outdoors eating on an abandoned pulled up railway area that was very good with organic locally produced food.

Yes second-hand clothing stores you don’t see them that often over here.

Hmmm not sure if you will get it cheaper here. Another thing to consider is warranty. Not saying that this is fact, but generally companies try to support their overseas distributors, if an item such as a stylus is purchased outside of the country of the warranty claim it may not be honoured.
I think Lyra roll that this.
Of course, if you have no distributor in your country, then thats probably a different story.
Something to look into I’d suggest.

@Rooster The area I am thinking about is called “Bonus Track”. It also has a good record shop in the area.

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Thank you very much. We have been away from home for 16 days. I’m now looking forward to going back to Kiwi land and getting some motorbike (weather depending) and Naim therapy.

I am allowed out by myself today. I’ll probably go down to the local train station area. Find myself a little secluded restaurant. Have a few quiet cold beers with some fried chicken and just enjoy the atmosphere.

Anybody reading this, if you get the opportunity to travel and experience Japan I highly recommend it. It’s a very very beautiful country with lovely people and a wonderful culture.

I lived here from 19 to 21 (30 years ago) had a blast but really didn’t get it, now I get.


The yen being so weak against the Aussie dollar makes such purchases really good value. My wife picked up for me a Shelter cartridge back in March when she traveled there for a ski trip and it was 60% cheaper than buying it locally. Warranty issues is always a risk but things like cartridges, headphones, etc are safer bets over electronics.

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And the beer and chicken is really good. Just love the cleanliness and courtesy of the locals.

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Diskunion Yokohama