Japanese imports, pressings etc

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I’ve noticed a lot of you seem to get Japanese pressings, SACDs etc and wondered where or who you get them from and if you’re prepared to share your sources ?


Secondhand (often via Discogs), or CD Japan, which offers a fantastic service.

I bought my first Japanese pressing as a 15 year old in 1978, from a shop in Hammersmith; I’ve been collecting Japanese vinyl pressings, SHM-CDs, SACDs, CDs, even cassettes, etc ever since.


Great, thanks @TheKevster

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As @TheKevster mentioned, CD Japan are a great source for SHM CDs, and it’s worth noting that their Led Zeppelin boxset carries the highest SQ rating of any of the various re-issues, certainly amongst those of us lucky enough to have captured it before the price went stratospheric.


Alan, be aware that many of the very earliest Japan pressed CDs use pre-emphasis; this is usually taken care of automatically by a CD player, with de-emphasis applied, but when ripped to a file, the pre-emphasis needs to be compensated for, and here things get a bit tricky. AFAIK, iTunes automatically compensates, but I’m unsure about others.

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Thanks for the information gents, I fear cdJapan will be another rabbit hole I disappear down.
Took a look and ordered 2 different versions of the Nightfly, Aja, Pretzel Logic and Rickie Lee Jones. And had to delete several others from the basket as I can’t afford it all !


I get my Japanese sacds and mqa discs from yesasia. They offer free shipping for orders over $79 and are very well packaged. I have yet to be charged anything by customs.

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