Japanese prog and psychedelic recommendations

Anybody got any recommendations? I have already been listening to the following bands.

Kikagaku Mono
Minami Deutsch
Flower Travellin Band

Nick.Lees has recommended De Lorians in best new music thread so I have ordered that.

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Far East Family Band are worth checking out they were a mid-70’s band with Gilmour-esque guitar and Tangerine Dream keyboards.

Three of their albums can be snapped up on Qobuz for around £7 or less.

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Try Acid Mothers Temple if you can handle some noise

Ghost (not the Scandinavian lot usually known as Ghost BC). Their albums are varied but all good except the last live album which is a bit meh. Mostly 90s.

Joseph Of Kirezi

Pikacyu-Makoto (an offshoot of Acid Mothers Temple)

Sundays & Cybele

Yonin Bayashi (70s)

Thanks guys for the recommendations. I will work my way through them.

Currently listening to Far East Travelling Band on Spotify. I don’t have access to hi Rez downloads but tend to buy vinyl or cd of anything I really like.

Acid Mother’s Temple seem to be pretty prolific. Any particular albums that stand out?

Thanks Prem.

That’s a tough question. There are a ton of them and many were short-lived pressings, coupled with varying degrees of extremity (i.e. from “very” to “OMFG”)

My favourites (which tend towards the mellower (cough) kind, are La Novia, Pink Lady Lemonade (both are recurring themes and kind of AMT’s Dark Star) and IAO Chant From The Cosmic Inferno (based on a famous Gong riff). I’ve got something like 16 of their albums but have barely scratched the surface.

Archive.org has plenty of live stuff (their natural environment) https://archive.org/search.php?query=acid%20mothers%20temple

Thanks Nick.

That gives me somewhere to start exploring.


Ouch. This is going to get expensive. So far really enjoyed Far East Family Band - Join our mental phase. Found a vinyl copy on discogs and ordered.

Love the Yonin Bayashi - Ishoku-sokuhatsu album. Will keep an eye out for a vinyl copy.

Listening to Sunday’s and Cybele - Chaos and systems. Sounds great. Another definite purchase.

Thanks all.

Hi Premmy

Sorry - I know nothing of japanese prog, but on the psychedelia side I assume you have heard albums by the Bevis Frond and Caravan? More recently I have a developed a penchant for the Australian nutters King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizzard who are particularly far out.

Hi There, yeah last weekend I saw Bevis Frond and had a bit of a chat with Nick Saloman. He is a really nice bloke. I love The Frond. Also big fan of Caravan particularly their first few records.
Any particular King Gizzard albums you would recommend? I have one which was a bit disappointing

Thanks Prem.

Japanese prog does not get much better than Yonin Bayashi on their Ishoku Sokuhatsu album imo.

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Yeah - King Gizzards stuff is a bit all over the place. I’m a bit of a jazz fan so my favourite is Sketches of Brunswick East which is a bit jazzy/floydy/10cc/chorale/god knows what……

They’ve released a lot of stuff in a very short period so quality control ain’t their thing…

Hi Joth, yeah that album was recommended earlier in the thread. I agree it’s fantastic. I am just keeping my eye out for a nice vinyl copy.

Ok Numptyhead,

I will check that album out.

King Gizzard… my favourites for consistency are Quarters, Flying Microtonal Banana, I’m In Your Mind Fuzz and the early Float Along - Fill Your Lungs, which includes the magnificent Head On/Pill…

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Thanks Nick. I will check those out. That YouTube clip was excellent.


@Premmyboy here is the answer to your question.

Julian Cope has written two books (and others) on Prog rock one long out of print on German bands, the other still available on Japanese Prog Rock. Here is a list of the bands he discusses. Warning this will keep you busy for the next few years


Thanks AndyP. That looks very interesting. Just ordered the book. Should keep me out of mischief for a few weeks!

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Stomu Yamashta’s Red Buddha Theatre


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Thanks. Will check it out.

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