Jay’s Audio CDT2 MK3 vs other options?

Does anyone have relevant experience and or thoughts about the Jay’s Audio transport?

My DAC is currently the one inside the Nova, and my transport is currently a Sony x800m2 Blu Ray/Universal disc spinner.

I would like an excellent transport to outperform the above, and I’ve read (here and elsewhere) great things about the Jay’s. I would be buying this new, but I’ve also looked at PS Audio Memory Player (the older one, not the £6K SACD newer one) and various s/h Naim spinners.

Vinyl is my main playback and CD/SACD is second, streaming has been relegated to third place. This despite owning and enjoying an Innuos Zenith MK3 for awhile, which was excellent, but left me missing the “ritual” of finding and playing discs.

I have been using a Jay’s transport for about two years and find it to be excellent, feeding my ND555. My initial purchase was the Mk. 2, but just recently I bought the Mk. 3 upgrade kit and was able to easily change the boards myself. Vinshine Audio in Singapore, the dealer for all international sales, has just announce local service partners in the US and EU. In general, I have found dedicated cd transports to be superior to simply using digital out on a player, but haven’t tried most transports, including the PS Audio.

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