Jazz lick ID help

Be Svendsen - Bones (Be Svendsen Rodeo Rerub)

Is the sax tune early in the track a well known standard - anyone can identify?



I’m deaf I don’t get a sax. :flushed:

1.40 approx?


Thanks I was only getting trumpet.
Further in than I thought. :+1:t2:

and 'bones of course …

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It was all going so well until Clint Eastwood came along … :slight_smile:

… now THAT bit I could identify if required :rofl:

Sounds very incidental “ Ennio Morricone “ style music. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I can’t hear a jazz standard.

Shazam just gets me back to Be Svendsen but I’ve a strong feeling that sax tune is from something else! Thanks for testing your human shazam algorithms…

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Just sounds like a modal riff. Maybe in the Phrygian dominant scale.

Yes. It’s the accompanying soundtrack for when Clint finally gets a Taco worth eating.