Jazz Music Thread

He did a turn a few years ago at a local arts festival.
I am sure I remember he turned up in his motorhome and stayed a few days.

I have the Music Matters 45 of this. It’s a great be-bop session, but not something I reach for often. I need to pull it for a re-play.

I did a personal preference assessment of all 112 MMJ 45 titles some years ago. The Opener was rated “Good” (behind “Recommended,” “Essential,” and “The Gems.”). It’s not bad it’s just that a lot of the MMJ catalog is better, and it is just my opinion.

However, since then I have done vast upgrades to phono-stage (added a SCDR and HiLine), subs (upgraded to REL S/510) and phono cartridge (DV XV-1s → Lyra Atlas Lambda SL). Maybe it’s time to play these again since the upgrades I did really benefit Rudy van Gelder’s style of recording sessions.

Didnt Harry South do the theme for The Sweeney?

Similarly, about the same time at my local arts centre.

Great show but he was a grumpy b*gger, at one point he abruptly stopped playing and stepped down from the stage and quite nastily and aggressively approached someone in the audience berating them for taking a photo.

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Yes, he did.

(Although I don’t remember ever seeing his name in the closing credits.)


After watching a recent interview with Steve Gadd that mentioned this album, I tracked down a copy of Chick Corea’s Three Quartets.

Engaging stuff from these guys: M Brecker on tenor, Gomez on Bass and Gadd on drums. CC’s distinctive playing and compositions all on show here.



I worked in a record store during the early 80s when this came out. I still have my release day copy. It’s a terrific albums. Really high energy too.

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What a great album, I do like it a lot! But also Alive and Spark are so nice and engaging.


I just gave my copy a deep clean and am playing it now. For something I bought 42 years ago it sure sounds great. I noticed on the back credits that Bernie Grundman was the mastering engineer. He’s still around and busy mastering a lot of important and high-profile jazz and rock reissues.


Lovely !!!


Really enjoying these guys thanks Iver

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Alive is also very good

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You are right! Alive is lovely too. I thought I wrote Alive in my post, instead I noticed that I’ve repeated Voice twice. Now I’ve just corrected it.

Interesting album, thanks for sharing!

Enjoying this:



The early recordings are magnificent and I know most of them by heart but the decline is sad and hard to bear. I don’t go there very often.

On Qobuz.


Yes, it’s excellent - still in the middle of listening to it. I think I will be ordering the vinyl.