Jazz Rock

I have just watched the Sky Arts programme titled Jazz Rock. Part of the music icons series. Featured were Steeley Dan, Allman Brothers, Boz Scaggs and the like. Not my idea of the genre.

Given that it was US produced I wasn’t going to get Soft Machine or Brand X but no Billy Cobham, Herbie Hancock or Weather Report?

Sometimes I hate labels.

I don’t disagree with you, but I think there’s an argument that the phase Herbie went through in the mid-70s was more Jazz Funk than Jazz Rock. He then transitioned via Jazz Disco (a genre I might just have made up) into Jazz Hip-Hop (ditto) in the 80s. I don’t think there’s much in his output that I’d describe as Jazz Rock.

I think you’ve got a better case for Weather Report, who didn’t shift genres with quite the alacrity that Hancock did, and whose music I think could more reasonably seen as a fusion of Jazz and Rock.

You’re right that labelling like this is often not helpful.


Welcome to the jazz rock, fusion club ! I have created a thread on it, called “ your best 30 jazz fusion albums “. Closed now. But it was interesting, and we all not agree on which albums should be classified jazz rock or not.
For me Herbie Hancock from the 70’s , Weather Report….are true jazz rock/ fusion. Allman brothers not. Neither soft machine. More rock bands bordering jazz rock.
But not all agree…

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