JB Radio-2

Current playlist is like listening to Fluff again on a Saturday afternoon, without Fluff doing his bit :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

“When the Levee breaks”……….turn it up time :blush:

How good is it going to sound in January 2023 :blush::blush::blush:

Why, is January when they stop using upconverted mp3s?

I did not know that the Flac stream was from a unconverted mp3 stream? If so, all I can say is that it sounds bloody good here in good old Blighty :blush:
If you have read some of my previous posts on here, then you will know what is coming in January :crossed_fingers:

Yep, I posted about it here, and I’m not opposed to listening to well done mp3 streams either:
Best internet radio anyone? - Streaming Audio - Naim Audio - Community

Sounds like an upgrade is coming your way. I hope there is not another round of price increases in Jan. Last Dec I was rushed into an Atom purchase because the Canadian Distributor was about to raise prices drastically. Happy I did it!

Hopefully no price rises for existing products :crossed_fingers: Does JB Radio2 really use up converted mp3? If so, it is the best conversion I have ever heard.
I think Santa is going to be a little late for me this Xmas !!!

JB mentioned a while back on Facebook that their library was mostly mp3 and they were working on streaming in various formats. I can’t imagine they have suddenly scored legitimate flac masters from the studios. Not sure what their game is but they did not sound very knowledgeable about audiophile matters. Other stations are probably in the same boat.

All I can say is “They are doing a good job, so far” :+1::+1::+1:

It’s boosted signal makes it easier to listen at lower levels it’s like someone has added extra bass and treble not realistic at all but that’s radio I can’t really say it’s audiophile but it’s amazing to listen too and I love this station probably the best out there!

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The MP3 stream also sounds good. It’s very loud that’s for sure. I tried both the FLAC and 320K back-to-back and cannot tell the difference on my NDX.

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