JB2 Radio 2 internet radio

Just discovered this internet radio station from Canada that streams Flac and added it to Roon. Similar to Radio Paradise in a lot of its content but perhaps a bit more left field, and it sounds way better to than RP’s flac stream.

Any body else listened to it?

Yep, had it on for a while this afternoon.

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Yes, usually a good mix and agree the sq superior to RP. Unsure why.

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Listening for the last few hours and it’s singing on my system. Quite amazed as never heard internet radio sound this good.

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I’d like to listen to it but I can’t get it to play from my .m3u file for minimstreamer. Both my RP FLAC stations play beautifully.

yes and i like it…and what a sound !


Hi, yes have been listening for a few months and it is one of the best, great music and quality sound.

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Is this available on the Naim app under iRadio?

No idea I don’t use the Naim app.

Found it on iRadio as an MP3 @ 320 kb/s. Not quite FLAC though

Have a look at the Radio Paradise FLAC…and ALAC thread to see how to set them up as a upnp source using minimserver

Listening in garden this evening via Roon and my trusty Squeezebox Radio.

Noticed today that it streams in 96/16 which seems a bit odd. Sounds good though so not complaining.

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