JB2 Radio 320k in Nz

Hi,I can play this Station on the nd5xs2 in hires perfectly but attempts to get it on the lounge 272 system in 320k lead to the 272 freezing up requirin the power disconnected to reset normality. Have quite a few times -all other Naim favourites work fine, thoughts?

What firmware is your 272 running? You can check using the remote or look in the Naim app under settings - about - streamer version. The current version is 4.8.00

I do have NDX not the NDX2. Will this be able to play internet radio in 320k?


Hmm. Should be ok then. Might be worth resetting the 272 to factory settings. Is the 272 connected by Ethernet?

Also if you put the 272 where your ND5 XS2 is and select that station, does it still hang? I’m wondering whether this is an odd network thing.

Edit: Mind you, I can’t make it play on either my Nova or my 272 here in UK. So possibly there is an issue with the station?

Perhaps @Stevesky can check it out.

Same issue on the NDS, freezes, everything everything - disappears NDS from iPad ,powering off only way back-all other naim favourites OK


Vtuner have an issue in their database. They have two JB Radio’s.
JB Radio 2 works, ‘JB Radio’ is bad.

We’re encouraging them to sort this out.



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