JBL L 100 classic speakers

These have been out for a few months now, has anyone purchased a pair and using them in a Naim system, always liked the original L 100 century speakers but never got round to buying a pair always stuck with my Gales. Mainly for rock music, anyone who has heard the new version what is your opinion.

I heard a pair at the Bristol Show under far from ideal conditions, so I’m reluctant to some to any conclusions on them yet. Even the reps admitted that the low stands they were sat on were far from ideal as they only had support at the back.

Getting the stands right for these JBLs is tricky. I still have not found anything ideal for my own 4311s and may have to go the bespoke route, if I can be bothered at all.

Ah, that reminds me - I’ve been meaning to pick your (collective) brains. The music department at my school when I was a young’un had a rather good listening system that I used to sneak in and listen to after hours when I could. From (fairly hazy) memory, it would have been bought some time around 1985 and consisted of:

Dual CS505-2
Unknown CD player
Unknown Teac 3-head tape deck
Quad 44 & 405-2
JBL speakers

Which is where you come in. The speakers looked very much like the L100s - 3-way, white ribbed woofer - but were smaller and didn’t have the two twiddly knobs on the front. Maybe about 40cm wide by 60cm tall? Any ideas what they might have been?


They were definitely JBLs? AFAIK all the 3 way JBLs had some kind of level controls on the front.

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Yes, definitely JBL - it was the first pair of them I’d come across and lusted after. Maybe they did have controls on them, but I think I’d remember fiddling with them. Weren’t controls on speakers very out of fashion by the mid-80s?


JBL probably produced a few 3 way without controls in the 1980s but the bean counters at Harman International moved production in another country and after having squeezed the fruit as much as they could, they did sell JBL to Samsung.

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Are you sure they were 3-way? Could they have been l-26 ? My brother was able to get a pair of jbl l26 at a bargain price- direct from jbl because (?) he was a salesman at Lafayette . As I recall , it was a summer job That and a sansui receiver - what a system.

I have seen that a scaled down version of the L100 due out in April crisis permitting called the L 82 , this is a two way speaker same looks ,costs about 2 grand.

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