Jet 2 Cancel all Flights until June 23

We have some Jet 2 flights booked to fly to the Canary Islands a few days before June 23 and coming back after June 23.

They were booked for last June, rebooked to Sept, rebooked to March, rebooked to this June.

Within a couple of hours of Jet 2 announcing the cancelling of all flights until June 23 we had a confirmation email saying we will get an automatic refund.
HOWEVER, our interpretation of their wording is that they are only refunding the flight outbound. :joy:
We will see.

EDIT. No. return flights refund as well. False alarm, bad wording.

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First time round, last Spring, during the initial lockdown, Jet 2 refunded the cost of our holiday to Kos, without any prompting, and kept us informed of progress throughout the procedure.

Since they were one of the few companies behaving honourably at the time, we’ve more or less decided that they’ll be our first port of call once we feel able to consider foreign holidays once again.


Agreed. We were in Lanzarote when airlines were closing down March last year. This was booked through TUI and there was absolutely no information at our hotel whether or not we were going to get flown home by TUI. We were so concerned we went to the airport where the TUI desk was closed with a bloke in a TUI shirt with a clipboard who just shrugged his shoulders when asked any questions. Not sure what the clipboard was for. So we went to the very professional Jet 2 desk who confirmed they still had space on flights they knew were returning to the UK, but warned that all flights would be grounded at any moment. So we got ourselves returned by Jet 2 paying a rather reasonable price, and two days before we were due to be returned by TUI. Still don’t know if that scheduled TUI flight actually went or if we would have been stranded. I know there were many Brits left stranded in Lanzarote at that time.

I would never book TUI again but will certainly use Jet 2.

Yes, we were in La Gomera last March. Our flight back from Tenerife was the last Jet 2 flight running from Tenerife. It was very stressful as we had texts saying out flight might not happen. The crew said they were being sent home as of the next day.
We have some friends who flew out in March but their return flight was early April. They finally managed to get home in June or July.
We find Jet 2 excellent but sometimes go Ryanair due to flight times from Brum.

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