Jimmy Page - On Julie Felix Show, in 1970

The video is pretty bad, but the audio is fine. From 1970. Just Page & an Acoustic Guitar. Fabulous…

Enjoy. Jimmy Page - !


A lovely noise, and it quite clearly demonstrates his influence upon Davy Graham and Bert Jansch…:grin:

Surely you mean the other way around, Page was heavily influenced by both.


Yes, it was my poor attempt at humour, I’m afraid, and surely the tune should be titled “She Moved Through The Black Waterside”…another attempt …


Yes. No doubt - and I believe Page has confirmed this.

Both ‘She Moved Through The Fair’ and ‘Black Waterside’ are clearly (IMO) sources for ‘White Summer’ & ‘Black Mountainside’.

Hope thats now clear…

The TV programme was called “Once More With Felix”

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One of my favourite albums of all time is “Changes” by Julie Felix, released on Fontana in the UK in 1966 or so, only available on vinyl. She is accompanied throughout by John Renbourn and on one track by Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick. I love Renbourn’s work and his playing on this is wonderful, he also accompanied her on some of her appearances on “The Frost Report” on TV. Felix also had as guests on “Once More With Felix” Leonard Cohen , The Incredible String Band and Tim Buckley some of which can be viewed on You Tube.


Also think Waggoner’s Lad off Jack Orion by Bert Jansch influenced Gallows Pole from Zep III.

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Hadn’t made that connection but I’m not a huge Zep fan, will take a listen, thanks for the heads up! Such a shame that Bert never made any real money for all of his influence. I thought it was incredibly gracious of Neil Young to invite him to open for him on those tours in the US.


It seems that he is working out some proto-“Over the Hills and Far Away” from Houses of the Holy, which came 3 years later, if I have that right.

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