Has anyone used this usb device please and does it do what it claims.
They claim in offers a sonic improvement. In terms of Hifi it’s cheap
at £39.

I don’t find it makes much difference, if any.

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The benefit will depend on how noisy your source is. I compared it to the iFi iPurifier3 and liked the iFi better.

I only know of the jitterbug as a dance, which I’m never likely to be able to manage these days. (Indeed, I doubt if I could have managed it when I was in my prime.)

I have a couple - one plugged into my router on the unused USB port, one on the USB of my Atom HE connected to my HDD (local music). I’ve had these for many years and just use them here and there but no good idea if they help anymore and how much (if I did I’ve forgotten!). More out of curiosity, I’ve tried them and found they seem to help a little (slightly less noise) if connected to a computer and then using USB headphones.

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Bought one to test. Don’t think it made any difference. Still got it plugged into a NUC I use.

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Tried one and it didn’t do anything.

Tried one out of curiosity - can’t tell if there’s any difference in sq.

I have one. I used it for a while with my original AQ Dragonfly. It did seem to make a small difference for the better, but it was nothing earth shattering. With my AQ Dragonfly Cobalt it seems to make no difference at all.

Thanks for reply’s, don’t think I’ll bother

I used it in my old system, it made a difference as sound was more clear and punchy.

Now I don’t use it at all, it makes no difference if I put it between a USB flash drive and my NDX 2. I dare say it makes the sound even worse (mids seem to be flattened, loosing depth and clarity).

I think I’m right in saying that the Dragonfly Cobalt’s circuits incorporate a Jitterbug (the Red and Black Dragonflies do not). So any benefit from the Jitterbug circuit is already there. I think you can connect the Jitterbug to a separate USB socket to the one used by the Cobalt but I struggled to hear any benefit when doing this.

Regardless of how I used it I always found any benefit from the Jitterbug to be marginal. But as the original post notes for £40 it’s a small outlay in hifi terms and may still be worth a punt.

Yes, I think you’re correct that the Cobalt incorporates a Jitterbug, so I guess any additional benefit of an additional jitterbug may be minimal to non-existent.

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