JM Reynaud

Hi, any experience with Naim & JM Reynaud speakers, in particular Bliss Jubilé?

@Sandy8 may be able to offer a view.

I haven’t heard the new Bliss Jubile’ but can say that i still really love my older Bliss Silver with Naim. Same attributes as my previous Harbeth, great midrange and very natural sounding overall. Added plus was i felt there was a veil removed when compared the my P3ESR. I’d say definitely audition a pair if you have the chance.

Thank you, I should be auditioning next week. They’re on a short list along with Proac and a possible third brand.

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The only one I know is @Thomas . He had the Abcisse before. With a 500 system I think to remember.
I heard once the JMR, but 15 years ago. With Icos.

@lavantha is a big fan of JM Reynaud speakers, and has used the Duets, Twin MK3 amongst others, perhaps he can provide some feedback on them with Naim amps.

Owned Reynaud Duets/Bliss and earlier Twin Mk III for many years paired with a range of olive amplification and a Nait 1 and always musical. Not a common pairing with Naim but definitely worth searching out for an audition.

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