Joni Mitchell Reprise set?

My original copy of Ladies of the Canyon isn’t in the best of shape and I’d like to replace it. Has any one got the reprise set re-issue and likes it, or should I spend mega money and look for a vgc original?

I have the recent box set but haven’t opened and played any of the LPs yet so can’t say re. sound. There are some reports on the internet though (see Mike Fremer’s recent review on Analogplanet). If you do go for the set I reckon it’ll be worth your while getting it from the US like I did - RTI pressings and more substantial tip-on sleeves.

However, if it’s just Ladies of The Canyon you want then the Rhino Chris Bellman cut from 2009 is excellent and a safe bet for not much money.

Thanks Richard. I have just searched discogs for France and found a 1971 issue described as near mint media for not much money. I may just give that a try first.

The Rhino was much better than my '70s UK issue, so bear that in mind before springing for anything but a mint US Original.

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