JPLAY app on IOS

I read elsewhere that you can have Qobuz with that app, using legacy streamers. They say it’s better, nicer and even sounds better vs MCONNECT.
I think I will try the 14 days free trial.

Has anybody tried ?

Tried it. Doesn’t work well. Cancelled it .

It’s rubbish. The claim it improves SQ it sounded the same as asset to me and no different to Roon. It’s buggy and the extra metadata is only available for qobuz albums not the ones you actually own and you have to refresh it manually all the time. Funny thing is I cancelled it after trial yet it still works. Taken them 3 years to produce this as well. The home page is a rip off of Roons homepage as well.

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I found the presentation of the app relatively nice and friendly. But I freezes or if I click on a second album it continues to play the last or refuses to play a new track. Totally unfunctional.

This is UPnP in general I find not all apps are created equal nor are endpoints. It’s not a standardised protocol too open to different interpretations.

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