JPlay on IOS for legacy Naim streamers - anbody tried?

Hi all, I dowloaded a trial of JPLAY for iOS to test the theory that it might improve on SQ over my Roon ROCK/Sonore UPNP bridge arrangement which feeds my NDS. However I couldn’t get JPlay to discover the NDS. No problems using Naim app or Roon over the same network, so I cannot see how it could be a network issue my side. I did check the app had the necessary permissions on the iPad, but no luck. I did get it to sporadically connect to my Muso, but that was extremely bug ridden - what I found was that with Muso on iRadio, JPlay would send its stream and Muso would play music, but it wasn’t possible to control the proceedings in any meaningful way. Perhaps I am missing something or my patience ran out after rebooting every element of the network.

Has anyone managed to get it working on either legacy or newer streamers, and if so, any thoughts on SQ?

I have just installed JPlay, it sees my NAC N272.
I can control the volume of the NAC :slight_smile:
I get an error every time I try to read a song from Tidal. Nothing goes to the NAC :frowning:
I hear only the first second of music when I try to read a song in Qobuz :frowning:
I get an error when I click on pause in Qobuz :frowning:
It is a pity because the app successfully gets all my favorites and playlists from Tidal or Qobuz.
Maybe it will be fixed, but for now it does not work.

I tried and it was a mess. Errors, freezing…. ( with Nds). Mconnect worked better.

Thanks for comments, ill try mconnect.

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